Review & Swatches: L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 16HR Powder in #300 Nude Beige

Along with the L'oreal Infallible Foundation I reviewed here, I also purchased the L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 16 Hour Powder in Nude Beige to try out! L'oreal claims that this powder will have a new standard of matte in that it will still keep the skin multi-dimensional by shine-free. They also claim that the powder will never make your skin look flat or cakey. This powder retails for about $10-$13 dollars depending on where you get it and it contains 0.31 ounces / 9 grams of product. 

Nude Beige will fit those who have medium light skintones with yellow undertones. It's pretty sheer and so there's some wiggle room in finding a shade that will match you.

The packaging includes a compartment with a mirror under the powder that can hold a sponge as well. I personally don't like flipping the compact over to use the mirror and then flipping it back to get more product. It's a very small detail that annoys me since I end up using another mirror anyway and the powder would've probably costed less if they removed this compartment. 

I have very bad lighting in the morning and so these pictures were taken at the end of my work day when my face has gotten more oily. 

As you can see, my t-zone and cheeks have quite a bit of shine to them. I also feel like the lighting softened the sheen, but it's definitely still there.

On the right side, I put on one layer of powder all over my face and you can see that the shine noticeably lessened. 

Instead of looking flat or cakey like some other powders can look during touch ups, my skin looked smoother and matte, but not flat. I give points for completely upholding that claim L'oreal made! 

You can see that my cheeks still have a slight reflection of light, but it doesn't like like it's because of my oils. 

Even with a close up of the powdered and non-powdered side, I'm incredibly impressed with how the powder performed. It slightly hides the redness in my cheeks by blurring out my skin a bit but I wasn't expecting miracles since the powder is sheer. 

& here's another close up picture 

For the 16 hour wear claim - it did not hold up for that long. I feel like it's because the summer weather in Southern California has been really hot lately that my oils came through around the 6-7 mark, but that's still pretty good to me for a drugstore foundation. 

I can touch up using this powder and have the same soft matte finish I started with without any cakey or dry appearance. It's also good to keep in mind that this powder doesn't perform the same way with every foundation/concealer. For some reason, my MAC Pro Longwear concealer and this powder looks like there's too much on my skin but works really well with my L'oreal highlighting concealer. 

Final thoughts: If you've been looking for a drugstore powder, I recommend this one. I used to love the NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat powder foundation as a setting powder, but this L'oreal one works better with the same finish. It doesn't have the same amount of coverage, but that's fine with me since it's just setting my full coverage foundation. I wouldn't recommend this for those who want a truly matte finish and has very oily skin though. I'm more on the normal side but oily on my t-zone since it's summer. This doesn't take the place of my HG Tarte Powder, but this is a lot easier to use for touch ups as well as color correcting some foundations. 

What's your favorite powder? Do you prefer translucent or colored powders?

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