Review & Swatches: L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation in 105 Natural Beige

The L'oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation is a relatively new foundation release and it's been so highly raved about. It is supposed to give a demi-matte finish that feels air-light on the skin. It's also supposed to last up to 24 hours as well. My shade is 105 Natural Beige and it fits pretty well on my medium yellow toned skin. It retails for around $12 and contains 1.0 fluid ounces / 30 mL. 

Before we start, here's a summary of my skin. My cheeks are a bit drier than the rest of my face but the rest is normal to a bit oily now that it's hotter. I work in an office now and I feel like the AC is also making my skin produce more oily than normal. My foundation matches include MAC NC35 / MUFE HD Foundation 127 / Maybelline Foundations in Natural Beige / Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in No. 54 Beige.

My acne marks have faded since my Cover FX Custom Cover Drops review and so if you're comparing the B&A pictures, this one definitely doesn't give the same coverage. I would say this foundation gives light to a solid medium coverage.  It evens out the redness in my skin and covers some of my acne marks, but you can still see them. A brush like the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush helps bump up the coverage while a damp sponge can make it a bit more sheer. 

I can't layer it on though. It's either a lot in one go or just a thin layer with some concealer. When I layer it on, some of the foundation bunches up on my cheeks and looks uneven. If you do layer it on, I recommend using a damp sponge like a BeautyBlender to give some moisture to the foundation before it dries.

Because it's a matte foundation, it does dry and set a bit faster than other foundations and so I would work on one side of the face first and then move on. 

I don't smell anything from the foundation and so it'll be good for those with sensitive noses. The texture is thin and does feel air-light like L'oreal claims! 

Unfortunately, the 24 hour wear claim is not true for me at all. I do stay demi-matte throughout the day, but the foundation does keep my skin looking even even after 6 hours. In the above picture, you can see some flakyness and and uneven patches because the foundation wore down on my cheeks. I took that picture 12 hours after initial application but it starts to look like this after the 6-7 hour mark for me.

On my nose and forehead, it does hold up well though. Those spots get oilier faster and so I'm not sure why the drier spots broke down first. I bought this foundation because my face gets oily by the end of my work day, but I would rather look oily from my other foundations than patchy for this one. 

Final thoughts: I feel like this foundation would be great for those with normal to oily skin with fewer blemishes than me. It broke down so fast on my drier cheeks but held up on my normal/oily parts. The finish it gives is very very beautiful and I would've loved that to last the whole work day, but it didn't on me. I am disappointed in this foundation and won't be repurchasing it. I would tentatively recommend it to people that like to wear a more natural leaning towards matte finish for errands or something though because it does look good for the first few hours. 

Have you tried this foundation?
Do you have any recommendations for matte but not drying foundations?



  1. Oh you have no clue how much I'm lusting over this and the maybelline pore matte and the l'oreal nude magique as well as maybelline's dream flawless nude foundations!! All of these relatively new releases in the west are not in singapore yet and probably won't be sold here for another 5 years! I swear, we JUST ONLY received the dream satin foundation a few weeks ago and it's about $25 USD! (spotted it at the drugstore last week in the new display, I'm hesitant on weather or not to get it)I know where I can order this locally but it's been out of stock, due to popularity I'm sure :p

    I love the look of this on your skin, it's such a perfect match and I'm down with anything that's a bit matte. Also Hao, you skin has definitely improved and looks really great. I do have one matte but non drying foundation, it's from the japanese drugstore brand Kate! Their powderless liquid which is a liquid to powder formula.

  2. Lovely short, but to the point review. I especially love foundation and BB cream reviews! It looks really beautiful on your skin in the first picture and I'm pretty impressed at the coverage! Your skin in the second picture is what my skin looks like as soon as I put on any kind of base makeup :(. I am so baffled by my skin these days, it's driving me mad!

    Btw what is your HG base these days?

  3. Boo that is odd indeed how it broke down faster on the drier parts of your face as opposed to the oilier parts!

  4. Thank you for the skin compliment <3 <3 <3 I look on past reviews and I slightly cringe at how my skin looks and so I'm debating if I want to delete those and maybe do them again :(

    I haven't heard about the dream satin foundation before!! $25 sounds so steep for drugstore foundations to me. I know there's markups for non-USA places, but that is crazy. I also think someone told me that the L'oreal Nude Magique might be getting discontinued since they can't find it in stores anymore.

  5. Is it weird that I just love the After picture? hahahah The foundation just looks so nice and then turns weird :( So many oily skinned bloggers rave about this foundation and so I wonder if it's just my skin that it's turning out like this.

    I think my HG base is a mix of the Bourjous Health Mix Foundation + the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops. The finish is great, but then I get oily and that makes me sad :( I've been testing out the powder counterpart of this L'oreal foundation and it has been helping! I also use a BeautyBlender because I find it doesn't push my face around as much as a brush would. When I break out or have some skin sensitivity, the makeup sponge is my best friend!

  6. Right?! It's so frustrating because i think it looks great before it breaks down on my cheeks :(

  7. You're welcomed. I know what it's like to have constantly blemished skin, it's no fun and when things improved you wonder how you put up with it when it was in worse days! I think you should keep your original reviews although the foundations definitely will look/perform differently now though. I don't tend to have the best estimation of what type of coverage foundations give me sometimes as I don't have anything major to cover up so when I do actually have a blemish or something I realize I can pin point what coverage I'm getting better! :p

    Oh, this dream foundation is another version of the dream liquid mousse foundation. It's totally overpriced like crap, most drugstore foundations here are about double the US price but this one is beyond the roof! I really would love to try some more liquid-powder foundations though, need the matte finish to make it through the day here! ^^