Review: BeFine Exfoliating Cleanser

Befine Exfoliating Cleanser with Brown Sugar, Sweet Almond, and Oats is a facial scrub that turns into a gentle cleanser. This product contains 4 ounces / 120 mL.

The website claims -
This daily mini-facial for your skin melts away dirt and debris,instantly brightening and improving your skin's clarity.The delicious medley of brown sugar,crushed almonds and soothing oats gently removes damaged skin cells.This multi-tasking essential is a delight for your skin! 
Benefits: Removes Impurities and environmental stresses.Detoxifies and rejuvenates the skin for a healthy glow. Helps skin maintain optimal moisture balance. Provides natural anti-bacteria & antioxidant protection Calms,soothes & heals the skin.
This review is going to be a bit different than my other reviews. I'm going to have some of the pictures incorporated into the review instead of just having all of them at the end.

I have combination skin. My chin, cheeks, and jaw are all acne prone. My t-zone gets oily but the rest of my face is normal.

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Review & Swatches: MAC See Sheer

MAC Cosmetic's See Sheer Lipstick contains 3 grams / 0.10 US ounces is $15 dollars. It is a coral-pink color that can also lean red. There is some very very subtle gold micro-shimmer, but it doesn't show up on the lips. It has a lustre finish and lustres aren't one of the most pigmented lipsticks from MAC. I would say that it is semi-opaque and its color is buildable. When the color is built up, the lips have a "wet" look. It is very shiny and so I would recommend to skip the lip gloss. I noticed that the color allows some of my natural lip color to peek through. 

I actually got this product a few months ago, but I haven't gotten to the review until now. This color is a part of MAC's permanent lipstick range and isn't new, and so this review wasn't a priority for me. By putting off this review, I also got a lot of time to test out this product.
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Review & Swatches: L'oreal Colour Caresse by Colour Riche in Sunset Angora

L'oral Colour Caresse by Colour Riche in Sunset Angora contains 2.9 grams / 0.10 ounces and is a coral that leans pink. The color on the bottom on the label is very close to the color of the product on my lips. The bullet looks more red-coral than what it looks like on the lips. I would even say that when it's worn on the lips, it looks like a milky pink with some orange in it. 

The packaging shows a strip of the product's color on the cap and everything is incased as a gold case that attracts fingerprints. The packaging also feels very light.

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Review & Swatches: Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous

Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous contains 2.7 grams / 0.095 ounces. It is a bright orange color with some very subtle microglitter that doesn't really show up. The shimmer is somewhat visible in direct sunlight, but it looks very pretty and like what I said, subtle. 

I already did a review of another Balm Stain in Crush that can be found here. The texture, smell, and wear is similar to Crush and so I won't go into detail on this blog post.

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Traveling for a Wedding! - Part two: Fashion and Jewelry

This is part 2! My post about what makeup and skincare I brought can be found here.

I wore the red dress for the ceremony and reception. It is a high low dress with the front a few inches above my knees. The top has a lace overlay. Red means good luck in asian cultures and so my mom and I thought that the red dress was very appropriate. I brought the cream dress in case I was going to go out with cousins, but I ended up not wearing it. It is pleated with a bubble hem. The straps part also has some flower details. I bought both of these dresses from Asos. I tend to buy a lot of things from Asos. Free shipping is my weakness.

I got these shoes from a thrift store. I wore them throughout the ceremony, but only for 2 hours of the reception. My feet were starting to hurt. I never wear heels, and so even these tiny heels hurt me. The material is like black satin.

The clutch I brought matched with my shoes. They were made out of similar material. The flats are foldaway flats from Dr. Scholls. I wore these after my feet started to hurt too much from the heels.

The ring on my ring finger is a double knotted ring I bought from a store on Etsy. My hands are small and Etsy is one of the few places that sell size 4 rings. 
The ring on my pointer finger is an interlocking ring I bought from my school's Vendor's Fair. They're both very simple and matched with everything.

My mom bought me this charm bracelet. When she told me the price, I was very shocked. It is a bit kiddish, but I still wear it.

This is another piece of jewelry my mom got for me. The necklace, pendant, and bracelet above are all made of white gold. I don't like gold because it seems too yellow on my skin.

These are some fabric flowers I put in my hair. The hair style I did was curls with one side pulled back. There were a lot of bobby pins and so I used these flowers to hide the bobby pins to make it look prettier.

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Review & Swatches: MAC Fire Sign Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Fire Sign is $15 and contains 3 grams / 0.10 US ounces. This lipstick is a limited edition shade from the Heavenly Creatures Collection. 

The color is a warm pink-red and has a lustre finish. Lustre basically means that the color isn't that pigmented and the more the color is built up, the more "wet" or shiny it looks. There is some micro shimmer in this product, but it is not that noticeable. The formulation and pink in this lipstick makes this red an everyday red and can brighten up your complexion. 
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Traveling for a Wedding! - Part One: Makeup + Skincare

I recently went to a wedding in Southern California for my aunt. These are the makeup and skincare products that I brought. I took these pictures before I left and wrote this post after I came back to say what I used and did use. 

I chose mostly neutrals so that my makeup could match with anything I wanted to wear. I also wanted to bring things that would last a long time on my face because I knew I would not have a lot of time to touch up throughout the day.

My day started at 6 AM and ended at midnight.

This is part one of what I brought and part two is going to be more about what I wore on the date of the wedding.
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