My BeautyCon LA 2015 Experience

This year, BeautyCon LA was on July 11, 2015 and at The Reef and long story short - it was not great.

I was going to write up this post right away, but I wanted everything to come till a close first.

My friend, Cecilia pictured above, and I missed out on IMATS since we were still paying for school stuff and so we decided to go to BeautyCon LA instead. We were both so excited about going since we both love YouTubers and makeup.

Personally, I was ready to drop tons of money for makeup since I've seen previous posts about great deals at other BeautyCon's. Buying makeup was mostly my priority since I knew the lines would be long and then we planned to try to do meet ups later.

I have gone to conventions before and I fully understand long lines. This convention was a whole different story. 

Unfortunately, we didn't even get into the building to see the booths. There were lines to get into the venue which included the building with booths and then the outside area with food trucks and meet ups. 

We got through the line into the venue fine and then the line into the building was terrible. There were no signs at all showing where the line into the building was and so it was kind of crowd created. The end of the line was kind of mixed into another line for a meetup, but it wasn't that long and so Cecilia and I were pretty excited about getting in within an hour or so. 

Within that hour, a second line formed without us noticing about 15 people ahead of us. It even extended across the parking lot / outside area and I believe outside the venue. I was pretty frustrated and some other women even told security and BeautyCon LA planners about the situation. From what I heard, some of the security and venue people (not BeautyCon planners) were laughing at our situation. 

By the second hour, we had only moved like 1-2 feet and ANOTHER line formed. By the third hour and another 1-2 feet, a mob had formed near the entrance because they were tired of waiting in line. There was some kind of "one in one out" policy and I kept seeing people raise their hand to show many people were in their group. 

I was getting tired of this and so I just asked a group that had just the building if going inside was actually worth it and they said not at all. It was clear that we weren't going to be able to get into the building and there wasn't enough time to do the meetups we wanted anymore. Cecilia and I decided to leave and just hung out with my friend in LA instead since I never go there. 

When I got back, I emailed BeautyCon support/customer service and told them about my experience. I am normally not the kind of person to do this kind of thing, but I was really so frustrated that I wasted so much time for pretty much nothing. It was also kind of annoying that apparently 500ish tickets were given away for free the day of. I did buy a general pass and so I just wanted some kind of recognition/apology and maybe a refund. 

They did go beyond in responding to me. I'm pretty sure some of it was a script for most of it, but they did try to make it up. They called a lot of people that sent in e-mails to apologize and even sent out packages like the one I'm picturing in this post. Most of it seems like leftovers from the event, but I'm not complaining! The value of this package is way greater than the value of the ticket I got. 

There are some random things, but there are also great stuff I've been wanting to try like the Tarte lip pencil and Hello Hair Hydrating Mask. 

I don't know if I'll be reviewing most of the items, but please let me know if anything catches your eye! There aren't color names/labels on some of the items and so I decided to skip listing the products for now. 

Along with this package, they also told me that I'll be receiving a ticket to any BeautyCon festival in 2016. Honestly, I don't think I'll be going to another one of their events. Even though I live an hour away from LA, I would never go there myself since just thinking of driving there gives me anxiety. My makeup loving friends have moved away from Southern California and so there's no one I would go with either. 

I appreciate the effort BeautyCon tried to make it up to me and other event go-ers, but the event itself already disappointed me too much. I feel like this event would only be worth it for high profile YouTubers since they have access to the free products and events or those who are really into meet ups / seeing YouTubers in person. If you wanted to go to see the makeup, I recommend just going to The Grove or other makeup boutiques located in Los Angeles. 

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