The Power Brow (Pencils)!

Brow pencils are probably my favorite form of brow product. They're super quick and easy to use and they allow me to be precise or natural depending on how I use them. I've also somehow collected a lot of brow pencils, but recently used up three of them and so it seems like a great time to do an overview!

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The Magically Perfect Pinks

Last year when I got my first full time job, I treated myself to the Dior Addict Lip Glow in Pink and even though it's ridiculously expensive and totally unnecessary, it's been one of my favorites. It started a whole love affair with the "magically perfect" pink products that change colors based on body temperature/chemistry/pH or whatever they claim. 

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Mascara Medley Round Up!

I have really wimpy lashes and so I'm always intrigued by new and/or trending mascaras to see if they can beef up my lashes a bit. I mostly go for waterproof formulas since they're the only thing that holds my curl, but I'll gladly accept free mascara samples to test out. 

I've been using these mascaras for the past couple of months and finally made time to sit down and write an overview of my thoughts. I stick pretty closely to the 3 month expiration date, but ended up keeping all of these until now. 
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Review & Swatches: Dose Of Colors Eyedeal Duo in Maple

A few months ago, I put the Dose of Colors Eyedeal Duo in Maple on a wishlist and I finally got it during their 30% off anniversary sale! The Eyedeal Duos are a two part product that contain a cream base/primer and a loose pigment. A mini mirror is also included on the lid of the primer portion of the packaging. Both parts of this duo are on the warm brown side but the cream is more red and the pigment is more copper. There is 4.75 grams / 0.17 ounces of product total and it retails for $25 on the Dose Of Colors website here
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Chic It Out! Ft. The Sephora Favorites Chic It Easy Set

The Sephora Chic It Easy set contains the "essentials for a coveted French look." I don't know about that, but the aim was to "achieve minimal makeup, tousled hair, and a pop of red lip color for enviable beauty." There are two full sized products and the rest are either travel sizes or deluxe samples. I was immediately drawn to this set because I've been wanting to try the YSL Touche Éclat for years. The set retails for $49, but I also calculated each individual price in each products' description!

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My First Foray Into MAC Eyeshadows!

Even though I've had this blog for four years and have been a makeup lover for so long, I haven't really had a lot of experience with MAC Eyeshadows. I thought they were expensive and they didn't really have that great of reviews to justify getting them.

I believe a few weeks (or months) ago, MAC dropped the price for their pan eyeshadows to be $6. They also had a 15% off sale and so I decided it was a great time to try to get some eyeshadows! 

The colors aren't incredibly special or unique, but they're colors I've been wanting for awhile. Of course, they're all on the warm side and I feel like they're very me colors. 

L to R -
Red Brick

Right now, my first impressions of these eyeshadows are they they're just okay. They took a couple of layers just to get this opacity. I'm surprisingly impressed with Red Brick though since a lot matte eyeshadows can be patchy. I'm thinking about doing an updated post later on, but I don't get the hype right now.

I'm still pretty excited to use them though. Ricepaper and Paradisco also look like they can be great highlighters and that's also part of the reason why I wanted to get them. I wasn't expecting them to be super pigmented based on other online swatches as well but a part of me felt like I needed them because I was already envisioning how gorgeous they would look on the cheeks.

For Red Brick, I wanted to get it to compare it to NARS Persia and Blackbird Cosmetics Fire Pledge. Both are great matte red based oranges and so I wanted to find out if all three were comparable dupes. 

The color I really wanted and felt like I really needed was Woodwinked! I've never nothing but praises over this eyeshadow shade. I also some great subtly hazy / smokey eyeshadow looks just with this shade and I've been imaging that nonstop on my eyes. 

Do you have any MAC Eyeshadows? Which shade is your favorite? Did you pick up anything from their recent sale?

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Review & Swatches: Etude House Play 101 Pencils in 79 and 77 [Pink Bird Box]

The Etude House Play 101 Pencils recently expanded to include 4 new colors that are based on popular Look At My Eyes eyeshadows! The shades I received are 79 OR209* and 77 BR418*. If you haven't read my past Play 101 Pencil posts before, I've been loving these pencils since their initial launch. Most of them are multi-use and these particular shades can be used on the eyes and cheeks. The Play 101 Pencils retail for $7.80 on the Etude House Global Website (here!) and contain 0.02 ounces / 0.5 grams of product. 

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Review & Swatches: Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Chiffon Lipstick in PK027 and BE109 [Pink Bird Box]

Etude House recently launched a new lipstick line with a new texture - Chiffon! The Chiffon texture mixes the softness and moisture from cream textures with the vivid and long lasting properties of matte lipsticks. There are 12 colors in the new Chiffon line and Etude House sent me two to review as part of their Pink Bird program! I received PK027 Pit-A-Pat Chiffon Pink* (Krystal of F(x)'s Pick!) and BE109 Flutter Chiffon Beige*. The Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk lipsticks contain 0.11 ounces / 3.4 grams of product and retails for $12.40 on the Etude House global website here!
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Review & Swatches: Etude House Real Powder Cushion Foundation in Honey Beige [Pink Bird Box]

Etude House recently debuted their first matte cushion foundation that leaves a light and powdery finish to the skin! The Etude House Real Powder Cushion Foundation SPF 50+ PA+++* claims to provide an all-day flawless with high coverage as well. For reference, I have dry / dehydrated skin but my t-zone can get oily depending on the weather. I had a great experience with the Precious Mineral Any Cushion and so I was beyond excited to see the Real Powder Cushion in this month's Pink Bird Box. Etude House sent me Honey Beige to review, but it also comes in Light Beige and Natural Beige. The Real Powder Cushion contains 0.49 ounces / 14 grams of products and retails for $21.60 on the Etude House Global website here

Honestly, the Pink Bird boxes make my month since they always have great products with such adorable packaging! They also sent me two Play 101 Pencils in new colors and two lipsticks from the new Dear My Blooming Lips-Talk Chiffon Lipstick. I was going to try to do 2 posts total, but I have way too much to say about each of these items and so there will be 3 posts.
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One and Done Eye Shadows

Even though I have a million eye products, there's definitely some that I always reach for first when I want a "One and Done" look. These looks are my favorite to do since it's pretty much a swipe and quick edge blend with a few coats of mascara and my eye look is perfect.

I tend to also use satin or shimmery eyeshadows for this kind of look since mattes can sometimes be harder to work with when you're short on time. I also focused on singles, but there are other  eyeshadow palettes that have great one and done shades in them as well. 

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[GIVEAWAY CLOSED] Review & Swatches: Pony Effect Radiance Glow Hydrating Starter and Strobing Luminizer

The second half of my Pony Effect package from Memebox! Some other highlighting products they sent me were the Radiance Glow Hydrating Starter* and the Strobing Luminizer*. Along with being a highlighter fan, I'm also a huge fan of liquid illuminating products since they can be more versatile without making my skin look dryer. The Radiance Glow Hydrating Starter contains 30 mL / 1.01 fl oz of product and the Strobing Luminizer contains 34 mL / 1.15 fl oz of product, but both products retail for $21 (On sale for $17 until 6/7/2016 though!!).
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Review & Swatches: Pony Effect Mirage Highlighters in Lucid Dream, First Chance, and Fairy Tale

I believe I've said it in a post or something before, but I'm a huge Pony Makeup fan (YouTube channel here!). I love her makeup looks and even though her videos are in Korean with English subtitles, they're still really easy to follow. When she came out with her own makeup line, I was incredibly excited to try out everything. 

Memebox recently reached out to ask if I wanted to try out some products from their latest USA launch involving highlighting and strobing products. Of course, I said yes! I've already purchased some Pony Effect products before, but the available items are more limited than what is currently available in South Korea right now. In this post, I'll be reviewing the Pony Effect Mirage Highlighters in Lucid Dream*, First Chance*, and Fairy Tale*. Each highlighter contains 3 grams / 0.11 ounces and retails for $15. If you're reading this post between 5/31/2016 - 6/7/2016, they'll be on sale for $13 on the Memebox USA website.

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