Makeup Party: Feeling (Pumpkin) Spicy ft. Sugarpill

One of my all time favorite eyeshadows is Sugarpill's Pressed Pigment / Eyeshadow in Pumpkin Spice and so I was super excited when they released it again this year along with a liquid lipstick version of the same color! Right when the Sugarpill package arrived at my door, I immediately threw it on with some other Sugarpill things I have to create this look. I was inspired with a reverse smokey eye look that I saw on Instagram, but I can't remember who it was.
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Review & Swatches: Too Cool For School Artify After School BB Foundation Lunch Box in Healthy Skin #30

So.... it's been awhile. I mentioned it on Instagram, but I got overwhelmed with work and then trying to do Blogmas that I had to stop. I was really motivated to do it and then I started to lose some sleep. I also felt like the quality of my posts wasn't as high as I wanted to be and so I started to get upset about that as well.

I'm going to go more into it on another post, but just wanted to say Whoops and that I tried! Also wanted to say Merry Christmas!!

Now, this post is going to be about the Too Cool For School Artify After School BB Foundation Lunch Box SPF37 PA++ in Healthy Skin #30! It includes a BB Cream, concealer, and cream highlighter all in one! This product was one of the few bases that actually had a shade close to my actual skin tone and that was the biggest reason on why I wanted to try this out. I can't seem to find details on how much product there is for the concealer and highlighter, but I believe there's 40 mL of the BB Cream and this 3-in-1 retails for around $17 depending on where you buy it from.
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Makeup Party: The Start of Something New | #Blogmas Day 14

This is not a High School Musical post, but I couldn't resist! For the look, I pretty much wanted to try out some new things that I've recently purchased. I wasn't really aiming for something in particular though and just played around with what I had. Like some other looks I've done, I went for a more angular smoked out eye look but it kind of looks weird straight on. In the post, I'm going to kind of ignore the stuff I've used before and mostly address the newer things I played with. 

Also side note - there's a too warm nose contour going on and that was an accident. I was doing an eye shading thing in the inner corner that I've some some of my favorite YouTubers do, but then it started to go more down and became a nose contour. 

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Asian Beauty Haul ft. Holika Holika, Too Cool For School and Etude House | #Blogmas Day 13

I'm very much an Asian Beauty lover. I've mainly been into Korean Beauty because of how much K-pop I listen to and the rising trend of Korean Beauty products in western stores like Sephora and Ulta. I placed some orders on Jolse recently and they just came in! I say recently, but these orders were probably were from 3 weeks to a month ago. Besides Memebox which has a headquarters in the USA, I mostly use global stores that are based in South Korea and so a lot of my orders take forever to get to me. I really can't wait to use all of these products though and so I got so impatient for them to arrive!

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Favorites: 2016 Base + Cheek Products! | #Blogmas Day 12

I'm starting a bit early on my 2016 Favorites this year! I looked back on my past favorites and I definitely see some repeaters from the 2015 Favorites posts too. I had to be honest to myself and admit that I don't actually use blush that often too and so I combined my favorites for both the colored face and base products into one post.

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Review & Swatches: Glossier Generation G in Zip and Leo | #Blogmas Day 11

I feel like Glossier has become a real "It Brand" in terms of the beauty blogging world. Something about their low maintenance products and minimalistic packaging is really appealing and social media friendly. Most of their skincare stuff have been hit or miss for me but their makeup has been amazing! I've had the Generation G in Zip and Leo since the launch (and even featured Leo in a favorites post) and now it's time for the full review! Each tube contains 0.07 ounces / 2 grams of product and retails $18 on the Glossier website.

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