Makeup Look: Constance Wu & Molly Greenwald for Harper's Bazaar Singapore | #ArtistAppreciation

In the past year or two, I've started to follow a lot more professional makeup artists and their work. With makeup artists on social media like Instagram, their product lists and general advice have become more accessible to me and I love it! I think because of that, I've started to really pay more attention to "professional" work vs. just "Instagram" makeup. No offense to Instagram makeup especially since I also love it, but I don't know how to explain it. There's something about the work and skill of makeup being applied on other people that is awe-inspiring. I can only apply makeup to myself and so I love seeing, reading, and learning about what professional makeup artists do. 

But long story short, I'm starting a new series involving recreating makeup looks that have inspired me.

The first one I'll be showcasing is the makeup look done on Constance Wu for Harper's Bazaar Singapore by Molly Greenwald. I actually didn't realize that some of the makeup products were listed on the magazine's website here. I usually stalk the makeup artist's social media to find out and didn't think about Googling the magazine until after I recreated the look. 

Also going to say right now that I did put a beauty mark on my chin to copy Constance Wu's beauty mark. I also had a lingering acne mark there and so it worked out to accentuate it. 
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