Makeup Party: Feeling (Pumpkin) Spicy ft. Sugarpill

One of my all time favorite eyeshadows is Sugarpill's Pressed Pigment / Eyeshadow in Pumpkin Spice and so I was super excited when they released it again this year along with a liquid lipstick version of the same color! Right when the Sugarpill package arrived at my door, I immediately threw it on with some other Sugarpill things I have to create this look. I was inspired with a reverse smokey eye look that I saw on Instagram, but I can't remember who it was.
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Review & Swatches: Too Cool For School Artify After School BB Foundation Lunch Box in Healthy Skin #30

So.... it's been awhile. I mentioned it on Instagram, but I got overwhelmed with work and then trying to do Blogmas that I had to stop. I was really motivated to do it and then I started to lose some sleep. I also felt like the quality of my posts wasn't as high as I wanted to be and so I started to get upset about that as well.

I'm going to go more into it on another post, but just wanted to say Whoops and that I tried! Also wanted to say Merry Christmas!!

Now, this post is going to be about the Too Cool For School Artify After School BB Foundation Lunch Box SPF37 PA++ in Healthy Skin #30! It includes a BB Cream, concealer, and cream highlighter all in one! This product was one of the few bases that actually had a shade close to my actual skin tone and that was the biggest reason on why I wanted to try this out. I can't seem to find details on how much product there is for the concealer and highlighter, but I believe there's 40 mL of the BB Cream and this 3-in-1 retails for around $17 depending on where you buy it from.
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Makeup Party: The Start of Something New | #Blogmas Day 14

This is not a High School Musical post, but I couldn't resist! For the look, I pretty much wanted to try out some new things that I've recently purchased. I wasn't really aiming for something in particular though and just played around with what I had. Like some other looks I've done, I went for a more angular smoked out eye look but it kind of looks weird straight on. In the post, I'm going to kind of ignore the stuff I've used before and mostly address the newer things I played with. 

Also side note - there's a too warm nose contour going on and that was an accident. I was doing an eye shading thing in the inner corner that I've some some of my favorite YouTubers do, but then it started to go more down and became a nose contour. 

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Asian Beauty Haul ft. Holika Holika, Too Cool For School and Etude House | #Blogmas Day 13

I'm very much an Asian Beauty lover. I've mainly been into Korean Beauty because of how much K-pop I listen to and the rising trend of Korean Beauty products in western stores like Sephora and Ulta. I placed some orders on Jolse recently and they just came in! I say recently, but these orders were probably were from 3 weeks to a month ago. Besides Memebox which has a headquarters in the USA, I mostly use global stores that are based in South Korea and so a lot of my orders take forever to get to me. I really can't wait to use all of these products though and so I got so impatient for them to arrive!

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Favorites: 2016 Base + Cheek Products! | #Blogmas Day 12

I'm starting a bit early on my 2016 Favorites this year! I looked back on my past favorites and I definitely see some repeaters from the 2015 Favorites posts too. I had to be honest to myself and admit that I don't actually use blush that often too and so I combined my favorites for both the colored face and base products into one post.

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Review & Swatches: Glossier Generation G in Zip and Leo | #Blogmas Day 11

I feel like Glossier has become a real "It Brand" in terms of the beauty blogging world. Something about their low maintenance products and minimalistic packaging is really appealing and social media friendly. Most of their skincare stuff have been hit or miss for me but their makeup has been amazing! I've had the Generation G in Zip and Leo since the launch (and even featured Leo in a favorites post) and now it's time for the full review! Each tube contains 0.07 ounces / 2 grams of product and retails $18 on the Glossier website.

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Unsung Heroes #1 | #Blogmas Day 10

I've read some "Unsung Heroes" posts since I started blogging and it's always been one of the things I also wanted to start. I get so caught up on current releases that I sometimes ignore things that may be too boring at the time to read about. I also don't talk about a lot of base or non-colored products a lot since I can swatch them super well since they'll just look like nothing on the skin. 

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My Current Face | #Blogmas Day 9

I'm actually a day late with this post. Whoops! I'm going to slightly weave in some life updates as well but I swear it's related to why I've been doing this face lately! 

I didn't say it outright, but my good work news from 1-2 months ago was that I got a promotion. Whoohoo! After that, work started to pick up and there were some changes that added a lot of work load on my already busy schedule. I wake up early enough to get to work by 7-7:20 AM and I also usually leave by 6:30 PM. While I do still like to experiment with my face looks, I've been relying on face and eye favorites and just playing up with my lips.

There's also someone new in my department and I'm trying to assert my dominance with my strong lip color. ๐Ÿ˜  Just kidding. I'm like the second youngest at my company and pretty much a baby. I don't scare or intimidate anyone with my lack of adult skills. 

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An Ode to Subtle Fresh Dewy Products | #Blogmas Day 8

This post is going to be a combo post for my love of natural dewy looks and subtle highlighters! I still love a good shiny highlighter that can be seen from space, but I work in an office and that's not always appropriate. The drier winter air has also not been kind to my already dry/dehydrated skin and so I've been doing what I can to put the dewyness back into my face.

Almost all of these products have been in constant rotation as well and so they've gotten pretty grubby. I did my best to clean things off, but they've definitely looked better. My skin type is normally dry but it does fluctuate depending on the weather. To hopefully make things easier, I'm going to give some recommendations based on skin types below!

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Review & Swatches: Kylie Cosmetics Metal Matte Lipstick in Reign | #Blogmas Day 7

Metallic liquid lipsticks have been so on trend lately and one of the first ones I've tried is the Kylie Cosmetics Metal Matte Lipstick in Reign. It's described as a "deep metallic copper" and it's more on the brown side instead of orange. Think of a new US penny but a bit darker and more metallic and that's what I see in Reign. I'm normally a matte or cream lipstick kind of person and I don't even like shimmery products, but there's something about the metallic finish that I love and apparently want all over my eyes and lips. Reign contains 0.11 ounces / 3.00 mL of product and retails for $18 on the Kylie Cosmetics website.

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Red Lips, Tips, and Picks | #Blogmas Day 6

My first makeup love was the classic red lip and if you've read my blog before, you will notice lots and lots of lip stick posts with mostly red lipsticks. As we're entering the holiday season and getting closer to winter, red lip season is also back!

I'm not saying these are the greatest tips since I'm not a professional, but the tips below are what I do to help me with a long lasting and comfortable red lip look. I also included my personal choices of what I'm going to use this year for my red lip choices!

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Review & Swatches: Chosungah22 24H Raybeam Cream in Shimmer Bronze | #Blogmas Day 5

White packaging and white backgrounds are the bane of my existence. I need to get more creative with my background and maybe get a black board... But that isn't what this post is about!

A few months ago, I bought the Chosungah22 24H Raybeam Cream in Pink Glow (review here) and fell in love with it and I still use it now all the time. When the Sephora sale came around, I decided to pick up Shimmer Bronze as well and that's what I'll be reviewing today! Like Pink Glow, Shimmer Bronze is a sheer shimmery cream that helps highlight the face in a natural and dewy way. Each pot contains 0.51 ounces / 14 grams of products and retails for $28.

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Sephora Haul-iday! Part 2 ft. Skincare + Fragrance | #Blogmas Day 4

Part 2 of my Sephora haul! This time, it's all about the skincare and fragrance stuff I got with the 20% off VIB sale. I went into the sale only really wanting one skincare item since my original bottle was running out, but ended up spending way more than I thought because of some good news at work. Whoops ๐Ÿ˜…
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Review & Swatches: Chanel Les 4 Ombres in 268 Candeur et Experience | #Blogmas Day 3

This item may be my most expensive single item purchase ever. The Chanel Les 4 Ombre in Candeur et Experience is a satin eyeshadow quad that is mostly a warm brown palette but has that surprisingly wearable red that makes it stand out. I've looked in so many places and everything I've read is that it's a permanent palette, but I can't find it in stock anywhere but the Chanel website. The palette contains 2 grams / 0.07 ounces of product and retails for $61. 

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Sephora VIB Haul-iday! Part 1 ft. Makeup Products | #Blogmas Day 2

My Sephora haul from the recent VIB sale is a massive one and so it'll be split into two posts - one with makeup (this one) and the other will be with skincare products + fragrance. This sale got me to Rouge status and I don't know how I feel about that... 

My main focus for this haul in terms of makeup was to get some new bronzers and face products. Besides one eye product that I've been wanting for a year, I think I did a pretty good job!

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Review & Swatches: Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette | #Blogmas Day 1

My first #Blogmas post!

As previously mentioned in other blog posts, I'm a fan of Pony Effect and Pony Makeup. Fortunately for me, I'm also a Memebox Ambassador and was sent the Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette* for free to test out and play with. It's a 10 pan lip palette that features a handy thumb insert, a metal plate for mixing, and a pretty good mirror. There's also a mini double ended tool that has a lip brush and a silicone spatula type product to help scoop up product from the pans. There is 11 grams / 0.38 ounces of product and can be found on Memebox for $30 if you're in the US. I believe the $30 price is when it's on a promotion, but it's currently out of stock and not on the website for me to double check.
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Stocking Up For (Minor Makeup) Emergencies

Being a beauty blogger, I do have a larger than normal makeup collection. It's not often I finish makeup products and it's even more rare when I buy backups just in case. I'm generally pretty good with limited edition products too since I've admitted to myself that I need to calm down. With that being said, I do keep backups of some staples that I know I would be in trouble if I run out!

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An Ode To Orange

In the past year, I've kind of been collecting orangey eye and face products. It's become one of my favorite type of shades to wear besides warm browns / bronzes. While I do have more orangey products, the ones in this post have become some hard favorites and are always at my main desk where I do my makeup. 

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Favorites: October 2016!

Can you tell that I'm moving into fall/winter?

I feel like I wore a lot of different products in October, but only these six products popped out when I was thinking about my favorites. I do remember orange stuff too, but most of those products were already mentioned in favorites recently and I think I'm also just thinking about pumpkins.  
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Review & Swatches: NARS x Sarah Moon Mind Game Velvet Lip Glide Set

The NARS x Sarah Moon Mind Game Velvet Lip Glide Set contains 6 minis of their newest lip product - the Velvet Lip Glides! NARS claims that the Velvet Lip Glides are highly saturated lip product like lipstick with the feel and smoothness of a gloss. They're also supposed to have a semi-matte / velvet finish thats long wearing and comfortable. In this set, there are 3 permanent colors (Bound, Unspeakable, and Toy) and 3 limited edition colors (No. 675, Chez Claude, and Plato's). Each mini contains 0.12 ounces / 3.4 mL of product and the set retails for $45. It's currently sold out online, but I was able to find it in stores.

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Makeup Party: Cut it Out!

There's something about playing with makeup that is really therapeutic for me! It's been awhile where I've had time to stay home to experiment. I really wanted to practice cut-crease looks and so here's another one! With my hooded lids, this look doesn't like super special but I loved the floating white liner paired up with a the cut-crease look.

I feel like the star of this look was the white liner, but I'm actually unhappy with this product. It worked, but it was such a struggle to use it. I'm definitely going on a search to find a better white liner now though! Please leave me any suggestions if you know of good ones!
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Makeup Collection | Playing Favorites with Lipsticks

What can I say. I'm extra and indecisive and there are 15 lipsticks in this favorite lipsticks post. This post is just about lipsticks too and I didn't even include lip tints, oils, gloss, and etc. Yeah, I have a problem. Lipstick is probably my favorite makeup product and it was the first thing I was obsessed with when I first got into makeup. While I do have other favorites, these shades and/or lines are the ones I usually look at first before narrowing it down even more depending on my outfit. 

Over time, I've even found enough colors in a line that I've declared the whole line a favorite as well. That's why there are multiple colors from the same line/brand in this post if that makes things better...
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Review: Bonvivant Botanical Pure Rose Cleansing Foam, Real Rose Oil Toner, and Rose Sheet Masks

I swear, Memebox has the most perfect timing for the Memebox Ambassador boxes! They kindly sent me some new skincare to test out and it's all about roses and hydration. I normally have dry/dehydrated skin but fall and winter really makes my skin look and feel more dry and dull. The box Memebox sent me included the Bonvivant Botanical Pure Rose Cleansing Foam*, Pure Rose Toner*, and Rose Mask Packs*. If you're interested in all three, there's also a set you can purchase here from the Memebox website for $30 and it even includes a cute bear head band! You can also buy them separately and I'll include those links in the reviews!
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Review & Demo: O-lens Hi-Del Silicone Hydrogel Lenses in Magic Grey

PinkIcon recently reached out to me and asked if I was interested in testing out colored lenses and as you can see, I said yes! It's been awhile since I've reviewed lenses and I also ran out of the grey daily lenses I sometimes wore. The lenses I will be reviewing in today's post are the O-lens Hi-Del Lenses Silicone Hydrogel in Magic Grey* and they last for approximately 6 months. You can buy these lenses on the PinkIcon website here for $64.
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Easy Peasy Products for the Morning Rush

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I've been posting more infrequently and it's mostly because of some work things. I've been putting in more hours and so I'm having less time to take pictures and write up reviews. With less hours, I've also changed up my morning weekday makeup routines and choices to get ready quicker but still look presentable. 

I don't actually use all 12 products pictured, but I wanted to give alternatives to create an easy peasy morning look. When I'm rushing, I usually reach for multi-use and easy to apply products.
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Mini Review & Swatches: The Burberry Beauty Box for 2016 (Blush in Cameo, Lip Velvet Lipstick in Rosewood, and Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base)

Last year, Burberry released a Beauty Box with some deluxe sized minis of some of their best sellers and it introduced me to two of my favorite products. This year, Burberry is doing it again and released another beauty box! They switched out the lipstick and blush color, but the mini of the kabuki brush and Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in Nude Radiance No. 01 is the same. The whole set retails for $32 and keeps going in and out of stock on the Sephora website here.
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Review & Swatches: Etude House Play 101 Blending Pencils in 11, 12, and 13

When Etude House first released the Play 101 Pencils, I really wanted them to create a bigger (but still smaller than the sticks) version like other cream eyeshadow sticks on the market. My wish came true and the Etude House Play 101 Blending Sticks were released! I prefer this size over the smaller/thinner pencils for the eyes and face since they're quicker to use. The colors I chose were 11, 12, and 13 and they all have the "jewel" finish. They individually contain 1.1 grams / 0.04 ounces each (for colors #1-14) and retail for around ~$7-$10 depending on where you buy they from.
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Favorites: September 2016!

Another month, another monthly favorites! I've been getting busier and busier lately, but I feel like my love for makeup has been reignited. I've been experimenting with new products and texture again instead of being stuck in a makeup rut. Keep reading to see what my September favorites were!
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Review & Swatches: Pony Effect Intense Eye Tint in No Surprise and Counting Stars

As a huge Pony Effect lover, I could not hold myself back from buying a couple of the Intense Eye Tints. No Surprise and Counting Stars really stood out to me and so those were the ones I got! Even though these are called Eye Tints, they're just liquid eyeshadows that are packed with shimmer and some micro glitter. They don't actually tint your eyes and instead just give a tint of (buildable) color. Each tube contains 7 grams of product and retails for $15 on the Memebox website here (for US residents).
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Review & Swatches: Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Highlighter

My love of liquid highlighters and pinky highlighters has far from ended! I recently got the Clio Kill Cover Pro Artist Liquid Highlighter and it's a neutral pale pink shimmery highlighter that is natural and perfect for strobing. Along with the liquid highlighter, Clio also includes a blending puff/sponge to help diffuse the product. There is 6 grams of product in each tube and I bought mine from Jolse for ~ $10.

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Review: Cosmetea Moisture Care Tea Cleanser in Black Tea + Omija

My first foray into cleaning sticks! Memebox kindly sent me the Cosmetea Moisture Care Tea Cleanser in Bleack Tea + Omija* for free to review as part of their Memebox Ambassador program and I was so excited to try it out. This cleansing stick works as a makeup remover and cleanser and so it's great as a travel skincare product. There is 65 grams of product and retails for $19 on the Memebox website here.
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Makeup Party: Teal-ing Pretty

Get it? Feeling Pretty? Teal-ing Pretty? :D

Anyway. I saw a gorgeous traditional black smokey eye look with black lips on Instagram... Attempted that and then it turned into a teal halo eye look with a teal ombre black look. I mostly wanted to use the Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow in Lumi everywhere on my face and I achieved that! I have it on my eyes, lips, and cheeks!

Because my contouring looked muddy last time, I also attempted to give it another try but this time with way too many products. I'm pretty proud of my contour and highlight but I wouldn't wear this much in real life because I spent way too much time trying to add and remove dimension from my face.

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Review & Swatches: Pat McGrath Lust 004 Lipsticks in Flesh 2 and Venom 2

I initially thought I wouldn't too be too interested in Pat McGrath products mostly because they're too editorial for me, but I was super happy when she released the Lust 004 Single Lipsticks in some gorgeous shades. Don't get me wrong - I love her makeup style and looks, but they always seemed more runway than everyday. The shades I ended up getting are Flesh 2 and Venom 2 and they're both gorgeous. The Pat McGrath single lipsticks contain 1.5 grams / 0.05 ounces of product and retail for $25.

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Review & Swatches: Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow in Penelope

As mentioned in my Sugarpill haul post, I've been wanting the Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow in Penelope for the longest time. It was always sold out on both their website and Beautylish and so I'm so excited to finally have it in my hands. It is a beautiful super metallic copper and according to Sugarpill, the particles are bigger to give the product a "mega sparkle." Penelope contains 4 grams of product and retails for $13.00.

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Favorites: August 2016!

It's still pretty hot in Southern California, but my makeup has definitely been moving towards autumn. I'm a general warm makeup lover, but I've really been bringing out all the warm and "fall/autumn" type of colors in anticipation of the season change. 
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The Handbag Residents

I've been mentioning it nonstop in most of my blog posts, but I'm going to repeat myself - I've been having some kind of lip allergy and it's super annoying. Because of this, I've changed from wearing matte lipsticks (liquid and traditional) to sheerer more moisturizing lip products. Instead of being sensible, I've stashed away 5 of my favorites into my bag. 

A part of me thinks it's crazy that I've spent so much on really expensive and sheer lip products, but they all work so well and my non-sensitive lips don't react to them. 

Even though it's pretty expensive for a non-colored lip balm, I've been using the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask to help keep my lips moisturized. It is a bit glossy for my taste for just a non-colored lip product, but it goes its job so I ignore the gloss. I've heard criticisms about the thickness of this product, but my constantly parched lips love the texture because I don't have to constantly reapply it. 

L to R -
Dior Addict Lip Glow in Pink
YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil in 5 Cherry My Cherie
MAC Cosmetics Tendertalk Lip Balm in Pretty Me Up
YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm Crystal Color in 13 Griotte Mocha

I've sung such high praises for the Dior Addict Lip Glow in Pink that I won't go on too much, but it's a thick lip balm that turns my lips into a gorgeous healthy pink color. If I forget the Bite Agave Lip Mask, I tend to just favor the Lip Glow for all of my needs. The MAC Tendertalk Lip Balm in Pretty Me Up has a similar color changing concept that is also great and moisturizing, but it's not as thick. If you don't have super dry lips, the Tendertalk Lip Balms would be a great dupe for the Dior Addict Lip Glows. 

The YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil in 5 Cherry My Cherie is surprisingly not a cherry color on me. It actually turns more fuchsia and darker over time on my lips. It's not my favorite lip oil tint, but it fades the best throughout the day. It's one of the intentionally glossy products I own as well and so I like wearing this when my lips are looking really wrinkly to smooth out any lines.

The last and most recent expensive balm product I bought is the YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm Crystal Color in 13 Griotte Mocha. I was getting into brown lipsticks and this seemed like a great starter lip product to see if the coloring would match me. I've really been loving it, but I do wish it was more moisturizing like the Dior Addict Lip Glow.

What's your favorite lip product? What lip products are currently residing in your handbag? 
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Review & Swatches: Chosungah22 24H Raybeam Cream in Pink Glow

Ever since Pony from PonyMakeup used the Chosungah22 24H Raybeam Cream in Pink Glow in a video, I was convinced I needed it. I still waited a few weeks until I actually made the purchase, but I immediately got it when I saw it in person. This product is a "correcting base cream" that highlights and smooths out the skin. It contains 0.51 ounces / 14 grams of product and retails for $28 at Sephora.
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Makeup Party: Like Fire!

As I said in my last post, I couldn't wait to put my recently purchased Sugarpill items on my face! I've been playing with everything and was able to create a look using all the eye items. This look is out of my comfort zone, but it's something I would wear if I added some dark brown as part of the wing as well. 

By the way, I decided to change the title of makeup look posts from Let's Play to Makeup Party. I recently realized that "Let's Play" was a gaming community thing and I would've felt awkward if a gamer stumbled upon these makeup looks. 
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Haul: Sugarpill Goodies!

Sugarpill recently released pro pans of their pressed shadows and I could not help myself from getting some. I was going to get more, but I knew that if I kept going... I would end up trying to convince myself to get 12 so that I could get the Sugarpill Pro Palette for free. Shopping is a slippery slope! I did get two loose shadows that I've been waiting for months as well since they kept going out of stock.
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Favorites: July 2016!

I'm about two weeks late, but *excusesexcuses*. Anyway, my love of highlighters continue to grow and July was no exception. I'm starting to go towards more glowy instead of shimmery/metallic highlights and liquid/cream products have been great for that look. I'm also starting to dabble a bit more into blushes again.

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Review & Swatches: Etude House Twin Shot Lips Tint in PK002 and RD302 [Pink Bird Box]

Sorry for the delay! I had a really bad lip allergy to something for awhile and had to completely stop wearing lip products besides basic lip balms. Once my lips got better, I had to take more time to slowly test these out so that I wouldn't irritate my sensitive lips.

The last review for my most recent Etude Pink Bird Box is for the Twin Shot Lips Tints in PK002 Inner x Peach Shot and RD302 Dusty x Rose Shot. Like other Pink Bird Boxes, these items were sent to me for free for reviewing purposes. These dual ended lip products contains a Mousse Tint on one end to brighten and smooth out the lips and a Tint Shot on the other end to add more dimension to the lips. Etude House does recommend applying the Mousse Tint all over the lips and the Tint Shot in the center for a gradient look, but they both can be applied alone for a single lip product look. The Etude House Twin Shot Lips Tint contain 8 grams of product and retail for $14.40 on their global website here

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Going For The Glow!

As you could've guessed, I bought more highlighters since my last highlighter focused post. Instead of just liquid highlighters like last time, I also got some more cream ones as well! I'll do an overview of my powder highlighters later, but the non-powder highlighters have been my go-to lately.

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Review: Etude House x Finding Dory Moistfull Collagen Water Jelly Cream [Pink Bird Box]

Part 2 of my Etude House Pink Bird Box! This time, I'll be talking about the Moistfull Collagen Water Jelly Cream* that has special Finding Dory packaging! This cream isn't new, but it was being repromoted with the release of the movie, Finding Dory. It totally makes sense to me though since it is a clear jelly cream like water and is packed with "super collagen cooling water." You can find it here on the global Etude House website for $20.40 and it contains 158 grams of product. 
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Review & Swatches: Etude House Lash Perm Curl Fix! Mascara Long Lash [Pink Bird Box]

I recently got my Etude House Pink Bird box and it contained their new mascara, the Lash Perm Curl Fix! Mascara Long Lash*! This mascara is a combination of their original Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara and the Dr. Mascara Fixer For Super Long Lash to give you long and defined curled lashes. I have used both products before and so I was super excited to try this mascara out. The Lash Perm Curl Fix! Mascara Long Lash retails for $14.40 on the global Etude House website here and it contains 28 grams of product. 

If you're new to my blog, I'm part of the Etude House Pink Bird program and that just means that Etude House sends me products for free once a month to review. I usually break it out into 2-3 posts though since I tend to get rambly.
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Review & Swatches: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks in Secret Selma and Super Cindy

Charlotte Tilbury has released more lipsticks for her Hot Lips collection and it includes a combination of the amazing Matte Revolution and K.I.S.S.I.N.G. formulas. There's 12 new shades, but the whole collection includes some existing shades as well (like Very Victoria). $2 of any sale from the Hot Lips collection for the first two months will go to support women survivors of war, poverty, and injustice. The two shades I got were Secret Selma and Super Cindy and each shade retails for $32 and contains 0.12 ounces of product.
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Haul: I Am A Stress Shopper

I am such a stress shopper and that resulted in 2 Sephora and 2 Memebox orders made in a span of about 2 weeks. Whoops.

It was the end of the quarter for work recently and that meant way more work. I ended up just buying so many things at the end of the quarter... and then a few days later as a reward for getting through it. It also didn't help that Sephora was offering pretty good GWP's and Memebox was offering 20-20% off most of their website. 

My first Sephora order was partly due to a great Fresh GWP for 3 deluxe sample sized products... but you can see that I only have 2. They ended up cancelling the third sample right after I placed my order because it was sold out. I ended up only receiving a mini of the Seaberry Facial Oil (a super favorite and stable!) and a mini of the Advanced Therapy Lip Balm. I was a bit sad, but I feel like I shouldn't be too bothered since it was going to be free anyway.

I think I became allergic to something because my lips have been swelling up and then becoming dry repeatedly for the last couple of weeks. I ended up getting the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask in hopes that it would at least help with the dry part. It's been nice so far though!

The other GWP I got was the Marc Jacobs Omega Bronze in Tantric. Oh man, Marc Jacobs definitely knows how to do deluxe samples. The full size of this bronzer is gigantic and the deluxe sample is just perfect and will probably last me for a very long time. 

Unsurprisingly, I got three more highlighters! I'm already a huge fan of the Cover Fx Click Sticks and this time, I got the Enhance Stick in Bubbly which is a light pinky rose gold. The other cream highlighter / multi purpose product is the RMS Beauty Master Mixer, which is a beautiful bronzey rose gold that has hints of peach to it. The third highlighter I got was the Eglips Glow Powder Pact, but it's a bit different than my other powder highlighters. It's a mattifying oil absorbing powder, but also includes a slight sheen to add some glow back to your face. It's subtle, but it is shimmery enough that you can't use it all over your face like a finishing powder. 

Even though I don't often use blush, I got the NARS Blush in Luster because of Essiebutton. She hasn't even talked about this blush in forever, but I kept hearing her voice telling me to get it. I'm so glad I did! All the swatches I did of this blush in stores made it look like a sheer orangey highlighter but I love that it ended up being a bronzey orange base with a golden sheen once it got on my face.

L to R -
RMS Beauty Master Mixer
NARS Luster
Marc Jacobs Tantric
Cover FX Bubbly
Pony Effect Deep Brown & Crony
Eglips Glow Powder Pact

The last two products are the Pony Effect Nice Shading Powder in Crony and the Sharping Brow Definer in Deep Brown. I'm not sure how I feel about the contour powder since it is sheer, but it's been nice when I just want to subtly contour. The brow pencil though! I already have this product in Natural Brown, but it is too warm for my preference. This shade looks more neutral and so I'm very happy with this right now!

Did anything catch your eye? What product would you like me to do a review on first?
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