Shopping the Stash!

I've been reading beauty blogs lately and some of them mentioned "Shopping the Stash," which basically means taking some products out of all of your products and using it. I've started to accumulate more beauty products than I can normally use and so I want to choose a few products and continuously rotate them out to use more of the things I have. 

Top row L to R: DKNY Be Delicious Eau de Parfum. L'oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Bronzed Taupe. Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter
Bottom Row L to R: Benefit Pocketpal Benetint + Gloss. Maybelline the Falsies Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara in Very Black. Too Faced Shadow Insurance. MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in See Sheer. Inglot Freedom Eyeshadow in 112R and AMC 55. Liquid Eyeliner by Barry M (Black).
Bottom Right: Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse BB Cream

I have all of my stuff in a drawer in a storage thing I got from Target. I don't wear foundation and so that's not in my drawer. I want to finish my Dr. Jart+ BB Cream samples though.

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DKNY Be Delicious Eau de Parfum - 0.24 fl. oz / 7 ml
This is the first perfume that I have ever bought. I got it for my birthday and I love the scent. The packaging is really annoying though. When I bought this, I was under the assumption that there was a spray included with the packaging. 

L'oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Bronzed Taupe - 3.5 g / 0.12 oz.
I got this after reading Jen from Frmheadtotoe's review. It's really shimmery and metallic. I'm still working on how to wear this in a way that it's not so.. SHABAM! I tend to put too much on my eyes. This product doesn't crease on me and it is a good color to put just all over the eye lid. 
*Mine looks a bit weird because I kind of poked it to see how soft it is for a review that I will be writing...eventually. =)

My review and swatches of the Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter can be found here.
I've started to use this product on my cheeks a bit along with the next product. I also like using this on my lips.

Benefit Pocketpal Benetint + Gloss (I only use the Benetint side) - 3.2 ml / 0.11 US fl. oz.
I find this product too watery on my lips, but it looks great on my cheeks. I like the slight flush of red and it looks very natural. 

Maybelline the Falsies Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara in Very Black - .25 fl. oz. / 7.5 ml
My eyelashes are stick straight and using waterproof mascara helps me keep my curl. I have to be careful about putting on this mascara. It can be a bit clumpy because it's so wet. The wand was hard for me to get used to in the beginning. I like using it though. It gives me more volume, length, and it keeps my curl. 

Too Faced Shadow Insurance - 11 grams / 0.35 oz.
I use this primer underneath my eye shadow. Mine separates really easily and so I have to roll and shake it a bit before I use it. Because I did that so often, a hole opened up at the top. This primer keeps my eye shadow on all day. I've had it for a really long time and I only need a tiny bit for both eyes. 

MAC Cosmetics Lip stick in See Sheer - 3 grams / 0.1 US oz.
I love this lipstick. It's a coral color that leans red. It's really nice to wear during the summer. It's a Lustre finish and there's quite a bit of shine. I can wear it sheer or build it up to the color in the tube. 

Inglot Freedom System Rainbow Eye Shadow in 112R - 2.5 grams
Even though I like these colors, I don't find myself using it a lot. That's going to change now! They're all matte and I can use the darker colors with the L'oreal Infallible Eye Shadow to contour my eyes. 

Liquid Eyeliner by Barry M - 
This eyeliner is a very dark matte black. The applicator is very stiff and so I don't like to use it that often. It takes time to apply this eyeliner and so it's inconvenient to use in the morning before I rush out for class. Now that I have more time to apply makeup, I'm going to start using it more. 

Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse BB Cream - 2mL / 0.06 fl. oz. 
I got this with my May Birchbox (or actually, a replacement which can be read about here)
My review and swatches of this is here.
This doesn't give me that much coverage, but it does even out my skin a little bit. That's good enough for me because I don't want something heavy on my skin during the hot summer. 

*** Disclaimer: I bought everything except for the Benefit Pocketpal Benefint + Gloss. My friend bought that for me for Christmas. 


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