De-potting: First Time Experience!

I recently depotted my L'oreal HiP Eye Shadow Duo in Energized and my CoverGirl Cheekers Blush in Pretty Peach to put into my UNII Palette. I think the packaging for the L'oreal HiP Eye Shadow is very bulky and so I wanted to depot the eye shadow to get rid of the packaging. 

I've seen a lot of tutorials of depotting eye shadows, but I didn't find a lot for the L'oreal HiP Eye Shadows. I found one that was helpful, but it involved heat and I didn't want to use heat.

I don't want to call this a tutorial, and so I'll just call this my first experience with depotting with pictures of how I did it. 

What I used:
- Cotton Swabs
- Rubbing Alcohol
-  Blemish Extractor (This sounds gross, I know. Here's a link of what it looks like. If you don't have this, a knife would work. Or even a thin slanted tip stain-less steel object.)
- Towel / Paper to place under everything to avoid a mess

There are a lot of pictures and I'll put that and other details under the "Read More!"

There's a small gap near the center of the packaging and that's where I put the top of the extractor.

I wiggled the extractor to loosen the glue. It actually didn't take that long. 

I slowly and carefully lifted up the eye shadow and took it out of the packaging. 

There was still glue on the back and so I used alcohol and a cotton swab to take off the glue. It's fine if alcohol gets into the eye shadow because it'll evaporate and it won't affect the eye shadow.

For my blush, I did the exact same thing. It was quite easy to pop this out of the packaging too. 

This is what my palette looks like. The thing on the bottom right is the brush the blush came with. It fits perfectly in my palette and I can use it for touch ups. It's not the greatest brush, but it does do its job.



  1. Is your palette magnetic or did you use glue?

    1. I'm sorry that this is so late. The UNII palette (the one shown in this post) is magnetic.