Haul: Thrift Store Shopping!

I went to a thrift store recently and a bought a pair of heels and some ties. 

I bought 10 ties for $5. 

These three ties are my favorite out of the ten.

I don't wear heels that often, but I've been looking for the perfect black heels that are not super tall. I can barely walk in heels and so I want to be as close to the ground as possible while still wearing some kind of heels. 

The heel height is about 1-2 inches. The shoes are made out of a black satin cloth material. I bought these for $8 and I am about a size 6-6.5. They didn't put an exact size on the shoes. 

Here's a bonus picture -- my dog ran over while I was taking pictures of me wearing the shoes. 

** I bought everything with my own money.


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