Review & Swatches: The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Eyes Eye Shadow in PP404

The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Eyes eye shadow in PP404 contains 2.5 grams of product. It is a very shimmery burgundy/purple color. This eye shadow leans a bit red in certain lighting. 

I was looking through my makeup at home recently and I forgot I had this. There's a store near me and I bought this almost a year and a half ago. Because it was so long ago, I don't remember the exact price and the online website doesn't state the price. I believe it is about $8. 

The name is a play on "Mix." The eye shadow itself can pop out of the packaging and be put into a custom-made palette that The Face Shop also sells. The eye shadow is not magnetic and instead "clicks" into the rectangular spot the eye shadow lays in. It is very simple to pop out. The single eye shadow packaging has a small window where the color of the eye shadow can be seen. I personally love the packaging and think it is adorable. 

PP404 is soft, but there isn't a lot of fallout. The color is a bit sheer and it is buildable, but not buildable enough to be fully opaque without looking too powdery. My complexion is a medium skin color with yellow undertones. This eye shadow may not look true to pan on me because of my skin color. I wore this eye shadow with a primer and it does show up a bit more. When I tested this product, I wanted to wear it without primer to just test the product itself. 

The color does not stay as vibrant compared to when first applied as the day goes on. Near the end of my day, it does look like a burgundy shimmer across my eyes, but it is just that. It becomes shimmer. 

I would not recommend this to people who do not like a lot of shimmer and those who are older. I have to pair this up with other matte colors because I do not love a ton of shimmer. Otherwise, it is a really nice color. 

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I've used this for awhile and it is old, and so the print on the eye shadow has worn out. It used to say "Lovely Me:ex."

The color looks metallic sometimes.

The inner two-thirds is PP404 and the other third is purple shade from a free Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo gift from Clinique. On the label, it says "single shade from come heather trio."

Final thoughts: I like the packaging and the color, but I wouldn't buy this again. The price is a lot for what I got. I don't wear color eye shadow that often and so this will probably last me for a long time. I might try another color of the Lovely Me:ex Eyes eye shadows the next time I go a store, but only if the color is fabulous. 

Where to buy: The only place where I've found these eye shadows is in The Face Shop stores. 


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