Review & Swatches: Inglot Freedom System AMC Blush #58

The Inglot Freedom System AMC Blush in #58 is a matte dusty rose color (The picture I included is a tad bit more orangy-red than the actual product). This pan form of the blush is $10 and contains 7 grams / 0.25 US oz of product. 

I was surprised by the packaging of this product. The Freedom System eyeshadows are in a cardboard box and in a plastic container, but the blushes are in a flimsy plastic container that can be easily opened and closed and both of these are in a a thin plastic bag-type thing. That isn't the greatest description, but there'll be a picture below.

Above is a screenshot of the blush color on the Inglot website. 

This product is soft, and so it can end up being powdery. I didn't buy the Inglot blush palette because I wanted to put this in my UNII Palette, and so I have to make sure to clean my palette every once in awhile from all the powder. With this blush, I would recommend getting one of the Inglot palettes or putting it in a palette small enough to just hold one blush. It gets messy and some of the powder could get into your other products. 

I would recommend this blush for those with medium to dark skinned people. It might be too red for pale skinned people.

This blush does not have a powdery finish on the face. It blends into the skin and looks natural. I would be careful on putting too much blush on your face though because it might actually start to look chalky.

For me, the blush started to fade around 4 hours. I don't wear blush that often and so I don't know if that's a short time, but I didn't mind. I also only put a small amount of blush on my cheeks to avoid looking too red. 

My cheeks naturally flush a reddish / pinkish color and so when I use this blush, it looks very natural on me. My reddish is a bit splotchy, and so this blush made an even flush of one color on my cheeks. When I first saw this, I thought I would never be able to pull off this color. I was pleasantly surprised that with a light hand, I could wear it and it looked amazing. 

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In the next three pictures, you can see how powdery the blush can be. This is just from one swipe of my finger. I didn't even swipe that hard.

In the picture above, that is the top of the plastic container. I actually got the blush like this. I didn't do anything and the salesperson that gave me the blush didn't even handle it roughly either.

These swatches were actually made with many layers. My camera sometimes washes out color and so I wanted to make sure the color would show up properly. 

Where to buy: Inglot stores and online for $10.

Final thoughts: I like this blush despite it being so powdery. It's going to last me a long time and for me, it was worth the $10. I'm planning to buy more in different colors.


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