Birchbox: May 2012

This month is the first month of my subscription. The only reason why I got this is because it was supposed to be a special "Gossip Girl" version. In all honesty, I wasn't that pleased with my box. I don't feel like I've wasted $10 dollars, but I could have used that $10 for something else. 

I've seen some other boxes and I was really hoping that I would get a Stila eyeliner to replace my UD one. Unfortunately, I did not get that.

My box was shipped on the 9th of May and arrived on the 17th.

When I opened my box, there was a card describing this month's box. 

Behind the card, it provided information on the full size products. 
Under the card were the samples.

The thing is, I was excited about the BB Cream, but when I tried to test it out, I found out that my tube was empty. That was very disappointing. 

I then began to open the pink tissue paper. I was already disappointed and so I was indifferent to the rest of the things.

I love lip balm and the Sugar Rose is very expensive, and so I liked that I got that. This lip balm is probably the only thing I'm excited about. I have 2 sample sizes from Sephora's birthday gift and so I already knew what this product was like. It's not my favorite lip balm, but I don't hate it either. 

And now I'll start introducing the products. Warning: This blog post is very picture heavy.

Color Club l Nail Polish in Disco Nap: Give nails a gilded look with this luxe metallic polish. Full-size, $8
This gold color is gorgeous. I went to Color Club's website and I cannot find this particular color. That's strange. Anyway, a full size is .50 fl. oz and the one in my Birchbox is 0.25 fl. oz. This sample would be $4.

 fresh l Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15: this cult favorite has a subtle rosy hue, plus natural sugar extracts to exfoliate Full size, $22.50
 This lip balm smells amazing. Smells lemon-y. My lips are pigmented and so the tint does not show on me. In the above picture, I had to layer on the color so that it would show up. This is 0.08 oz and the full size is 0.15 oz. If this was sold separately, it would be $12. I would never buy the full-size of this. I can't justify spending $22.50 dollars on this lip balm. I do like it, but it really isn't worth that much. 

twistband l Hair Tie: Give your ponytail a makeover with these colorful, snag-free elastics. 12 pack, $18
Yeah, I don't know about this. I wanted more beauty products and I already have hair ties all over the place. This by itself would be about 68 cents.

Atelier Cologne l Vanille Insensee : Rich and sophisticated, this boutique brand's vanilla scent is infused with a splash of lime and coriander. Full-size, $65-$175
This scent is really weird. It first smelled like a nice vanilla and then it started to change to smell.... off. 

According to Atelier Cologne's website - 
Information: Cologne Absolue concentrated at 15%
Top Notes: Lime, cedrat. Coriander
Heart Notes: Jasmine, vetiver and oak moss
Base Notes: Vanilla from Madagascar, oak wood and amber
I do not like the scent at all. Included with this sample is a postcard. I really like the postcard. I can't really calculate the price of the sample, but these samples are usually free.

I was really excited about this Beauty Balm. I have an Asian BB Cream that I don't like and so I wanted to try an American version of a BB Cream. Sadly, it was empty. If there had been product, it would have been $1.20.

Total, my box is about $17.88. I might subscribe again to Birchbox, but for now, I cancelled my subscription. 

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