Inglot AMC Blush #58 Sneak Peak and First Impression!

I recently went to Inglot and picked up this blush and an eyeshadow. I originally looked up blush swatches online so that I would know which ones to look out for, but I ended up ignoring it. 

Instead I got this blush from their freedom system. My first impression of this blush was that it was powdery and there would be a lot of fallout. I'm actually going to put this in my unii palate, and so I'm probably going to have to clean my palate a bit after I use this blush.

This blush is a kind of dusty rose color. Some online blogs have described it as a dark pink or a brownish red color. It's definitely a darker blush color, though. 

After using this blush for awhile, I'll post a more descriptive blog with swatches. 

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