FOTD - April 25, 2014 // Plummy Days

The weather was great for the longest time and then suddenly it was pouring rain. My hometown would rain a lot during winter and beginning of spring, but it rarely rains where I live now. Whenever it rains, I'm always thrown off and makes me incredibly lazy. I would usually just wear really minimal makeup, but I decided to play up the purple in my hair before it fades away. The eyes have some lavender with a bit of taupe while the lips are a more berry toned color to match the slight redness in my hair. The lavender shadow I used also had a golden shimmer in it and it matched so well with the golden highlighter to brighten up my face on this gloomy day.

As you can probably see, I still have a lot of problem spots on my face. I don't mind having them show and so I don't have a concealer that I use on a regular basis. I tend to only wear concealer on my face on special days where I want my face to look perfect. If it's just a normal day, I would just put on some kind of base and then focus my attention on my eyes. 

I had some plans with friends this day and so I wanted to wear some lipstick. I ended up going shopping and then a party later in the night. I realized that I'm not a party person and that I'd much rather hang out with my friends in a more relaxed setting, like eating out or watching movies.  

Face products

Eye Products

Lip Products
  • NYX Lipliner Pencil in Plum
  • MAC Lipstick in Plumful


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  1. Hao, you are such a beauty! Stunning! I'm such a sucker for all things plummy. MAC plumful looks amazing on you and I wonder if it would look as nice on me :P Lovely post :) xo