Review & Swatches: Mally Evercolor Poreless Face Defender

Mally's Evercolor Poreless Face Defender contains 0.46 oz / 13.0 grams of product and comes packaged with thick triangular sponge. Mally claims that this product will diffuse the look of pores and fine lines while keeping the face matte. It is an alternative to powder that still feels light on the skin.
I immediately fell in love with this product. It is super easy to use and really just looks like photoshop in real life. The directions say to just press and swirl the sponge into the product and then pat on the face. I did mess up the first time I used it though and I put on too much. It was really easy to just pat away to distribute the product across my face though.

The packaging is metal and has a nice weight to it. The mirror is pretty big and gets the job done. The sponge that comes with it is huge and is super handy to have. The sponge is really nice, but I found myself just buying cheap disposable foundation sponges since it got dirty so easily. The cheap sponges are also easier to travel with. 

I put this product on after foundation and before my blush and / or bronzer if I choose to wear it. This product is supposed to be a finishing product, but since I saw some of my foundation transferring onto the sponge, I didn't want to risk lifting my colored products too. I tried using this after I used a powder highlighter and it ended up going everywhere and also onto the sponge.

After applying it on my face, my pores seem to be blurred and my fine lines get lessened. It kept my face more matte than regular powders and made my foundation last longer than normal. It is also easy to reapply. It feels like smooth silicone on my face and that may be a problem for some people. My skin doesn't get bothered by silicone, but I know that it does bother some people.

Final thoughts: This is definitely my "holy grail" finishing product. I honestly wasn't expecting much and thought it was just another gimmicky product, but it truly is amazing. The only major con that I can think of is that I've already hit pan on this product and I've only had it for a few weeks. The Evercolor Poreless Face Defender does retail for $40 and for that price, I expect it to last longer.




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