Review & Swatches: It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+ in Medium

I've got a long review for you! I recently got It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+ in Medium. It is a paraben free base that claims to be full coverage and color correcting with a physical sunscreen and anti-aging serum. I haven't heard a lot about this base and so I wanted to write a more in depth review. I may have missed some things and so if you have questions after reading my review, feel free to ask any questions!

Despite what the name says, it is not full coverage. One pump would get me medium coverage, but that's really enough for me. You can use another half pump to spot cover the more troubling spots, but I wouldn't put on another full layer. I'm always worried of foundations looking too thick or obvious on and so 1 layer is enough. 

As you can see in the pictures below, this CC Cream blocks out my redness and really evens out everything without making my face look flat. My darker acne scars still show through, but those are always really difficult to cover. 

The color I use is Medium and I'm about a MAC NC35 / MUFE HD Foundation 127 and this matches me pretty well. The biggest downside for me about this CC Cream is the color range. There's 5 shades and I feel so lucky that I match Medium pretty well. The SA that helped me at Ulta first matched me to Tan and that was so much darker than medium. Medium has a neutral base and even though I have more yellow tones, this CC Cream blends so easily that it really matches my skin tone. 

The finish is satin / natural. It's not shiny or dewy, but there's a healthy look to the skin. I tried this CC Cream during 90 degree Fahrenheit weather and there was definitely some shine on my t-zone, but it still looked nice. The product wore down faster around my nose, but that's to be expected and happens with all of my foundations and bases. It's not a long-wear product and it doesn't claim to be. I have to touch up with powder (like with every other base I have) since my t-zone gets oily faster than the rest of my face. I didn't find that it faded unevenly or blotchy though. Even when I took a nap while wearing this, it didn't transfer that much onto my pillow case. 

The SPF is surprisingly high, which can be a good or bad thing. It is a physical sunscreen and blocks UVA and UVB rays. There will be a white cast when flash photography is involved, but the SPF is great for everyday wear. I do recommend wearing a separate sunscreen though. The recommended amount of sunscreen to get the full SPF is about 1/4th of a teaspoon and one pump of this CC Cream isn't going to be that amount. 

The packaging is in a plastic tube with a pump dispenser and contains 1.08 fluid ounces. It reminds me of Missha M Perfect BB Cream packaging. I prefer this kind of packaging because it's not going to break and spill while traveling. 

When I talked to the SA at Ulta, she told me that It Cosmetics is all-natural and all their products are filled with beneficial ingredients that will help the skin in the long run. I was expecting the product to smell weird and "earthy," but it has a very pleasant citrus scent. When the SA was applying it onto my face, I thought the smell was from her brush cleaner or something but it really is the CC Cream.

CC Creams are supposed to be BB Creams to the extreme! but this one really reminds me of Asian BB Creams. Western BB Creams tend to be just tinted moisturizers with maybe some benefits while Asian BB Creams have a lot of skin care benefits plus coverage.  

Final Thoughts: This is pretty much my new favorite base. I've been trying to find better skin care and I'm drawn into anything that has extra skincare benefits. The medium coverage is perfect for me since I don't mind having some of my skin peeking through. If you fall in their color range, I really recommend trying this out.

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Bare Face / One Layer / Two layers

L: at 11:30 AM // R: at 5:30 PM


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