Review & Swatches: EM Cosmetics The Life Palette // Love Life Palette Deluxe Samples (Warm Fuzzies)

I got these deluxe samples in my order and it's from the Love Life Palette. These colors are labeled as part of the "Warm Fuzzies" part of the palette. I was just going to include these swatches and review in either the review of the Lip Gallery Cream Color Classic Lipstick in Cuddle Up Pink or Waterliner Intense Color Eye Liner in Ro's Gold, but there's a current deal this weekend involving deluxe samples like the ones in this post for $10. I believe this deal started on the 6th of September. The second half of this deal is $10 back into another purchase after October 1st. The deal is only for this weekend and so I wanted to post this before the deal was over. 

These products are in a plastic holding and it's connected to cardboard. The actual pans can be removed and placed into empty magnetic palettes like Z-Palettes or UNII palettes.

The largest pan on the bottom left is called Puppies & Kittens and is a medium taupe with slight purple color. It has a satin finish with some very slight shimmers. This shadow is the most pigmented out of the three shadows and the most flattering. It's fairly pigmented and it wore quite well even without a primer. This shadow is soft and blendable, but not powdery. 

The color to the right of it is a purple with red shimmers and is called Spring Time. The pan is really small. The quality of this shadow is not great. I had a Coastal Scents Go Palette and the quality of those shadows were better than this purple. It is sheer, but can be built up / packed on to look more pigmented and the color also gets boosted with the help of a primer. This shadow is also blends easily, but it is slightly powdery. 

The third eyeshadow next to the purple is a blue shadow called Teal Rain and it has a similar finish to the taupe one. It's not as dark as navy, but what you see is definitely not what you get on the eye. It is so sheer and it's worse than the purple color. 

The lipgloss is at the bottom of the 2 lip colors and is called Time's Up. It is a pinky rose color with fine shimmer. This is also sheer, but it gives a nice healthy pink color to the lips. I don't wear lip glosses in general and so I do not know if other types of lip gloss ares better. It is slightly sticky but very light on the lips though. The only other gloss I have with me right now is Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss in Rebel and it is not as glossy as that lip gloss. 

Final thoughts: I love the taupe eyeshadow and I would probably buy this shadow again if EM Cosmetics decide to sell shadows individually. I can do without the other three products. I would be more willing to spend $10 on Puppies & Kittens than the whole deluxe samples combined. The deal going on right now does seem like a good deal if you want to try out some of EM Cosmetics' products, but I wouldn't get my hopes too high about this particular group of products. 

Left : Swatched over nothing // Swatched over primer

No primer

No primer

No primer

No primer

Bare lids

Lids primed with Tarte's Clean Slate 360 Degree Creaseless 12-Hr Smoothing Eye Primer. The taupe color is in the inner half of both eyes.

Bare Lips


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