Review & Swatches: YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in 5 Fuchsia in Excess

(Yves Saint Laurent) YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in 5 Fuchsia in Excess contains 0.15 oz of product and retails for $34. Sephora describes this color as a "luminous bright pink." It definitely fuchsia to me. I can't wear a lot of pinks but because of the purple-y fuchsia tones in it, I find it quite flattering on me. 

The packaging is amazing, like always. I just love YSL's packaging. My fingerprints do show up on the metal though. This product has some weight in it and so it feels quite sturdy and comfortable in the hand. 

I fell in love with this lipstick right away. It glides onto the lips like butter and it is quite pigmented. I don't know how to fully describe it. There is some transparency but my lip color was covered. In the swatches, I only put on a layer. You can definitely build it up a bit more and it'll get more bright and shiny.The shine does last for a long time. The lipstick looks beautiful blotted down too. It feels very light and comfortable. 

Final thoughts: After using this lipstick, I can see why people love YSL lipsticks. I don't see myself buying another one soon because of the price, but I do want more. The formula reminds me of MAC Lustre lipsticks, but way better. I adore this color and it's different from the other lipsticks in my collection. It's bright enough so that you can use it for summer and spring and since it has purple-y tones to it, it'll still be perfect for the winter and fall. 

* I did not buy this at full price. A person was selling it new at a discounted price on reddit. 


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