Review & Swatches: Avon Glimmersticks in Plum Wine, Striking Emerald, Emerald and Dark Brown (Brow Definer)

A few years ago, my friend gave me the Avon Glimmersticks in Emerald. When she gave it to me, I didn't really wear that much color. I recently found it and I realized that I quite liked it. I then decided to buy more because it was a 3 for $9 with free shipping. I couldn't skip out on the deal and decided to get three more!

The Glimmersticks that I have now are Emerald, Striking Emerald (Glimmersticks Chromes), and Plum Wine (Waterproof). I also got a Glimmersticks Brow Definer in Dark Brown. All of them have the same retractable packaging and contain 0.28 grams of product. 

I will be reviewing these pencils from top to bottom according to the picture above.

Glimmersticks Brow Definer in B03 Dark Brown - This pencil is a medium warm brown pencil that has a waxy texture. This is my first brown pencil, but I could tell right away that it would not work. It is really soft and not thin enough to create thin strokes. The color was also too warm to look natural. In the pictures below, I had to really comb through my brows with a spoolie. I was applying the color really really lightly too. I think this would be better used as an eyeliner than a brow pencil. 

Waterproof Glimmersticks Eye Liner in G81 Plum Wine - This pencil is a very dark eggplant purple. It has a dry texture and it tugs on the eyelid. Because of the dryness, it will go on a bit patchy. It's workable, but there are better waterproof eyeliners for similar prices. If you have dry eyes, I would not recommend using this. My eyes are a bit oily, and it stayed on pretty well. I like how this color isn't too bright and still makes my eyes pop. 

Glimmersticks Chromes in G305 Striking Emerald - This pencil really is a striking emerald color. It is darker than the online swatch on the Avon website. There is a very slight shimmer in the color and it is almost metallic. Compared to Plum Wine, this pencil is much more smooth. It stayed on for the whole day, too. The color is very dark and it is almost black. It reminds me of Urban Decay's Loaded Eyeshadow. I love this color and I'm planning on wearing it a lot with some golds and bronzes during the fall.

Glimmersticks Eye Pencil in Emerald G65- My surprise about Striking Emerald's color is because of this pencil. Emerald is not an emerald color a lot. It's like the color of grass on a spring day. It had the same texture and staying power as Striking Emerald. 

One of the things I don't like about these pencils is that you can't sharpen them. It gets really annoying when I want a thin line. I can still angle the pencils in a way to create smaller or thicker lines though.

Final Thoughts: Do not get the brow definer. I really like the Striking Emerald and Emerald formula though and I plan on getting more when there's free shipping again. The waterproof formula is alright, but I won't be purchasing those again. I found that Emerald and Striking Emerald stayed on longer than Plum Wine even after I scrubbed all of them with water and soap. The prices are reasonable and it seems like there's always a special offer to make the pencils cheaper. 

Top: Striking Emerald // Bottom: Plum Wine

Left: Striking Emerald // Right: Emerald


Striking Emerald

Striking Emerald on the outer edges

Plum Wine // Bare brows

Dark Brown Brow Definer (I tried to apply it as softly as I could) // Plum Wine on the outer edges

Dark Brown Brow Definer brushed out // Plum Wine on the outer edges


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