First Lash Experience!! ft. Duo Lash Glue (Brush On Striplash Adhesive Version) + Ardell Demure Lashes

The only time I've tried false lashes was for prom, but they were individual lashes that I took off right away. No matter how I put them on, they looked incredibly unnatural and weird to me. My lashes were shorter than the short individual lashes by Ardell and I couldn't figure out how to configure the lashes. I decided to give false lashes another chance.

I wanted really natural lashes, and I've read that Ardell's Demure Lashes were one of the more natural ones. I also bought Duo Lash Glue in the tube to try out since I heard that the tube version gives more control on distributing the glue. 
These strip lashes were surprising easy to apply. For some reason, I thought it would be a pain to place these lashes on. They fit perfectly and they looked very natural. They were a bit longer than my natural lashes, but still gave that oomph to my lashes to make them look amazing. These lashes will add length, but not a lot of volume. 

There were some weird spots where the glue dried. It was clear enough that I could get away without extra eyeliner, but I wanted to blend my lashes with the false lashes as much as possible. I added a bit of liquid eyeliner at the bases to cover the weird spots.

I'm probably not going to wear false lashes on a regular basis, but now I know what to wear if I want to glam up a bit. I really recommend these lashes if you wanted to add some natural length to your lashes. 

Bare Lashes

Demure Lashes

L: Bare Lashes // R: Demure Lashes

Demure Lashes on both eyes

Bare Lashes

Demure Lashes

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