Makeup Collection: Lip Tints/Stains, Oil Tints, and Tinted Oils

One thing I've been focusing on (besides matte liquid lipsticks) is lip tints. I'm not exactly lacking in that department, but this category is one of the easiest to just throw on my face without too much worry. The original traditional lip tints can get blotchy, but they've really come in a long way in terms of application. 

L to R - 
  • PeriPera Peri's Tint in 5 (maybe?) my friend gave me this and the text is only in Korean
  • Missha x Line Friends Pop Tastic Jelly Tint in Maple Latte 
  • Etude House Berry Delicious Color in Juicy Lips in RD305 
  • YSL Volupte Tint-in-Oil in 5 and 4 
  • The Saem Eco Soul Tint in Oil in PK01 Cherry in Pink 
  • Holika Holika Pro:Beauty Bloody Oil Tint in RD801 
  • Nature Republic Glow Oil Tint in Baby Peach 
  • Skin Food Vita Color Tint Lip Oil in RE01 
  • Lancome Juicy Shakers in Vanilla Pop and Wonder Melon

The PeriPera Peri's Tint in 5 is probably the most traditional lip tint / stain I have in my collection. The texture is like water and once it dries down, it leaves a stain that lasts all day. It's also drying and so I always like wearing lip balms on top. The Missha x Line Friends Pop Tastic Jelly Tint in Maple Lane is also liquidy, but it's thicker and feels more comfortable on the lips. The color is a rosey mauve, but it swatches more orange on my arm because of the yellow tones to my skin. 

The Etude House Berry Delicious Color in Juicy Lips in RD305 is a cross between a lip gloss and lip tint. The texture is thicker the the previous two tints and it initially leaves a more glossy finish. Once that glossy finish fades, it leaves a bright red stain that also lasts all day. 

The YSL Volupte Tint-In-Oil in #5 Cherry My Cherie and #4 I Rose You started my whole lip oil obsession, but they're not my favorite. They feel nice on the lips and leave a nice stain, but they're not as moisturizing as I want them to be considering they're lip oils. The colors also take a while to develop to show their true colors. Don't get me wrong - they're still wonderful lip oils, but I've tried better.

My favorite of the whole lip oil collection is The Saem Eco Soul Tint In Oil in PK01. The color takes a bit of time to develop (not as long as the YSL) but it turns into a nice pink and it gets brighter the more you layer it on. The formula also feels cushiony soft on the lips.

The next two favorites are the Nature Republic Glow Oil Tint in Baby Peach and Skin Food Vita Color Tint Lip Oil in RE01. The only reason why these two are second place are only because The Saem oil tint is more moisturizing. The Nature Republic has a very soft and subtle shimmer throughout the product as well to give the lips more dimension. The Skin Food Tint Lip Oil is the most pigmented out of the lip oil tints, but mine leaks if I'm not careful. I don't know if I got a dud in regards to packaging, but I wanted to point it out.

The least favorite lip oil tint is the Holika Holika Pro:Beauty Bloody Oil Tint in RD801. I love the concept and how it looks like blood in the bottle, but I find that the color looks patchy on the lips. It also clings onto the dry spots and makes those areas look darker. If you don't have dry lips, I'm sure this lip oil tint would be fine on you but they're just not for me.

The Lancome Juicy Shakers in Vanilla Pop and Wonder Melon are the newest lip oils in my collection and they're just tinted lip oils instead of lip oil tints. These feel thinner than The Saem, Nature Republic, and Skin Food lip oils but still as moisturizing. I feel like the tinting aspects of the lip oil tints do make them feel more drying in the long run. I actually really love these and want more, but they're kind of like glorified tinted lip balms. 

Have you tried any of these products? Which one is your favorite? Do you have any other lip tint, lip oil tints, or tinted oils recommendations?

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