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I went to Lush recently to mostly pick up a lip scrub, but ended up also buying two Fresh Face Masks! Something about that store always makes me want to get more. Lush was one of the few brands that worked really well on skin when I was constantly breaking out and so I always like to stop by to see what's new. 

The item I went into Lush for is the Mint Julep Lip Scrub. Even though it's Spring, the weather is sill a bit cold and it's been drying out my lips. I used this lip scrub years ago and loved it so I wanted to repurchase it to make my lips soft and smooth again.

The Fresh Face Mask that I've been wanting to try for weeks is Catastrophe Cosmetic. I wanted a mask that was geared towards breakouts other than Cosmetic Warrior, which smelled so strongly of garlic that I hated it. The sales associate said that the Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask is made up of more skin calming ingredients.

The other mask I got was Don't Look At Me and it's supposed to be for brightening. The bright blue color immediately drew me in, but the ingredients slightly worry me. The sales associate said that this mask is made up of 20% lemon juice and I've read that the pH of lemon juice is generally too acidic for the face. I'm going to proceed with caution, but I've used it once before writing this post (I couldn't wait!) and my skin didn't feel irritated. I don't know much about skincare and so please educate if you know more! I've found a lot of posts about just lemon juice, but not as much about lemon juice as an ingredient (besides lemon juice + baking soda/sugar mixtures). 

Have you tried any of these products? What's your favorite face mask?


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