Hao Goes Outside pt. 1

I was shocked to learn that it was possible to go outside. 

Just kidding, I have sensitive eyes and couldn't deal with the sun without my sun glasses.

When I took a small blogging / life break, I decided to go "hiking" and to the zoo with my boyfriend! Part one is just going to be for the hike and part two will be the zoo to keep the rambling to a minimum. 

The trail I went on was the Torrey Pines State Reserve in La Jolla, CA and as a fragile blob, I couldn't have gone on a better trail for my first hike. The path is pretty flat and if it's not, there's only a low incline or stairs. 

My boyfriend and I hiked for 2 hours and wasn't able to get through the whole thing. I did feel really good the whole time, but we got pretty hungry and went and got KBBQ instead. 

Honestly, it was a good thing I stopped since I haven't done anything physical for about 2 years. I ended up taking a nap after KBBQ and woke up with my legs totally dead. 

Look at me trying to be artsy fartsy and failing because it's just landscape. 

I'm weirdly very proud of the above picture. I took my handy dandy Glossier Balm Dotcom with me not only for my dry lips, but also for any dry skin emergencies. Even though it was so gorgeous outside, it was kind of windy since I was so close to the water. 

Again, the sun is my enemy.

I'm planning on going on this trail again sometime soon because I really want to see the rest of the view. The end is supposed to be even more gorgeous than what I saw in the beginning and so I can't wait! 

Anyway! One last note before I end this post. My Etude House giveaway did end and a huge congrats to Emily P! I've already contacted her and will be sending out the package soon. 

I will be doing another giveaway in May for my blog anniversary and so look out for that!

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