Review & Swatches: Cover FX Correct Click Stick in Peach

The Cover FX Correct Click Stick in Peach is part of their Click Stick range of thumb sized cream products. There's also an actual Click Stick that holds a mix and match of either two Correct, Cover, or Enhance Click Sticks. Peach is aimed towards color correcting dark circles and hyper pigmentation for light to medium skin tones. There's 5.5 grams / 0.2 ounces of product and retails for $18.

I was initially very surprised at how small the packaging is and then I realized the amount of product is almost the full size of the packaging. There's still not a lot of product for $18, but I doubt I'll finish it any time soon since I only use it for my under eye area. 

The peach tone is not overwhelming and so I feel like this is a great beginner color correcting product. I intentionally swatched it over my tattoo to show what it could cover. As you can see, it doesn't full cover my tattoo but there is coverage. 

This product is so creamy that it will work well on dry skin but it's not too creamy that it'll break down on oily skin. I personally have dry skin under my eyes but the hot weather has made my whole face more oily. 

L to R -
Bare Face | Applied Peach Under My Eyes | Blended Out | Foundation On Top

The above pictures weren't take on a bad no sleep day, but there is some baggage. My under eye darkness is a combination of lack of sleep and the fatty deposit under my eyes (aegyo sal?). I don't know if it's as obvious in the pictures, but the darkness in my inner corner is lessened/corrected by this product.  

I feel like because the peach tone isn't strong, some people may even get away with just wearing that to color correct. On me, it makes my under eye area more neutral compared to the rest of my face and so I like to use foundation or concealer to add more yellow/golden tones to look more natural.

Bare Face | Full Face

I probably shouldn't have added eyeshadow in the outer thirds of my lower lashline but I still wanted to include a full B&A.

I'm currently 23 and so I don't have a lot of wrinkles and don't have a huge creasing problem. For me, my concealer is more likely to crease if I powder. With that being said, I didn't see creasing with or without powder and it stayed in place all day. 

Final thoughts: I think the Cover FX Correct Click Stick in Peach is great and perfect for a beginner like me. My under eye darkness is mostly due to the fatty deposit under my eyes, but this product does help with the darkness related to lack of sleep. The product is so creamy that you can blend it with your fingers or a brush. I do prefer using my fingers though since it helps with the coverage. I do recommend checking this product out since it's easy to use and gets the job done. 


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