Collection Clear Out: Magnetic Palettes & Pan/Depotted Eyeshadows

Now that it's Spring, I'm doing a bit of Spring Cleaning for my makeup collection. I'm starting off with my magnetic palettes with depotted / pan eyeshadows. The "Collection Clear Out" series is going to be kind of a progress diary to keep myself accountable so that I don't end up hoarding not often used and/or old makeup.

Even though I buy a lot of premade palettes, I often find myself not using every shade. I felt like these palettes were taking up way more space than I had and so I bought empty magnetic palettes to depot almost everything. I have also become a fan of pan eyeshadows these past few years since they were easier to customize. They're also generally cheaper as well since the cost of packaging isn't included. 

Before I knew it, I collected about 4 Z-Palettes of different sizes and 1 Unii Palette. 

I think Unii Palettes aren't sold anymore, but mine is the go-to magnetic palette since there's a mirror and it feels more secure. It is currently breaking down though and so I'm kind of scared of when it's going to die...

I keep my favorite and go-to already panned eyeshadows in it. I sometimes change it up every few months, but there's everything I need for every occasion in this palette. 

The brands included in the palette are -
Lorac - Unzipped Palette
theBalm - Nude 'Tude Palette
Black Bird Cosmetics Pressed Luxury Matte Eyeshadows

The other eyeshadow pans are in the above Z-Palettes. I initially grouped them by brands and then I realized how messy and unorganized it look. Because they were separated like this, I also found myself not grabbing for them. 

I went through a massive swatch fest and threw away the unused / not as flattering shades. I also reorganized the left over shadows by color (kind of) and fit everything into the above single palette. This is kind of the phase one of the pan eyeshadow clear out though.

The brands included in the above palette -
Shea Moisture
Wet 'n' Wild
Urban Decay
Anastasia Beverly Hills
Makeup Forever
Memebox x Pony

I definitely don't use all of these shades and so I want to give myself another 2-3 months to retry them out. If I do use them again within the time frame, I'm going to keep it. If I don't, they're going into the trash. 

Do you have any makeup clear out tips? Do you depot eyeshadows?

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