Review & Swatches: Glossier Generation G in Zip and Leo | #Blogmas Day 11

I feel like Glossier has become a real "It Brand" in terms of the beauty blogging world. Something about their low maintenance products and minimalistic packaging is really appealing and social media friendly. Most of their skincare stuff have been hit or miss for me but their makeup has been amazing! I've had the Generation G in Zip and Leo since the launch (and even featured Leo in a favorites post) and now it's time for the full review! Each tube contains 0.07 ounces / 2 grams of product and retails $18 on the Glossier website.

The Glossier Generation G are supposed to be sheer matte lip products with the same feel as a lip balm. Of course, that sounds super interesting to me! It's like a combination I would never hear about because a sheer matte?! Usually the matte lip products I try are fully pigmented and are a bit drying too.

Because these are sheer, they are going to look slightly different though. I've come to accept that most products lean more warm and even slightly orangey on me once they're on my face. I thought it was my camera for the longest time but it's definitely my face this time.

As mentioned in a couple of other posts, the Glossier Generation G in Leo has become a favorite and go-to for me lately. Leo is a brown nude shade and if you've been interested in brown lips, this is a great started product. My lips sometimes look like a deadish mauve color in the mornings and so I like to slap on Leo and I'm good to go! It is pretty sheer though and takes a couple layers to build up. It is thin though and so it doesn't build up weirdly on my lips. 

It fades gracefully throughout the day, but it does transfer when I eat or drink. It's definitely not an all day lip color, but it's easy to reapply when needed. The more nude tone does help how it looks when it fades though. 

Even without blotting or rubbing in, the color looks very meshed into my lips if that makes sense. It looks natural and I don't need to do anything else to make it look good. It's like a no-makeup makeup lovers dream lip product. 

On my arm and in the tube, Zip looks like a neutral classic red. On my lips, it does lean more like a slightly orangey red. Compared to Leo, Zip was more pigmented and I was able to get the above shade with 2 swipes. 

Zip also felt like a creamy matte and so it did fade and move a bit on my lips. Unfortunately, the color on the center of my lips did fade a lot more and so I was left with a red ring after a few hours of wear. I really don't like that look and it's one of my pet peeves. The color was easy to reapply after noticing it but this is something I don't like having to worry about. The color is lovely and the formula is so comfortable, but that kind of fading that leaves a ring is a no go. 

Besides Zip's fading problem, my other biggest con is the smell. Like most lip products, it does fade soon after application but it smells like bad play doh to me. I've definitely had smellier lip products and so I'm okay with these, but it does bother me enough that I get slightly annoyed. 

Final thoughts: I was hoping that both of these would be great so that I could use that as an excuse to get every color but I only really liked Leo. Zip might not fade the same way on everyone else and if it does, I do recommend it but I hate that it gets me a weird ring while it fades. Leo's color, texture, and finish is amazing though and I do highly recommend that one. If you have very pigmented lips, it might not be as good since it is on the more sheer end of things. It's unfortunate that Glossier isn't really sold in stores though because I feel like the smell and and swatches make it an in-person kind of product. If you're okay with weird smelling and sheer lip products, I 100% recommend Leo!

Have you tried the Glossier Generation G lip products? How do you feel about sheer lip products?


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