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My first #Blogmas post!

As previously mentioned in other blog posts, I'm a fan of Pony Effect and Pony Makeup. Fortunately for me, I'm also a Memebox Ambassador and was sent the Pony Effect Customizing Lip Palette* for free to test out and play with. It's a 10 pan lip palette that features a handy thumb insert, a metal plate for mixing, and a pretty good mirror. There's also a mini double ended tool that has a lip brush and a silicone spatula type product to help scoop up product from the pans. There is 11 grams / 0.38 ounces of product and can be found on Memebox for $30 if you're in the US. I believe the $30 price is when it's on a promotion, but it's currently out of stock and not on the website for me to double check.

There aren't that many product shots and I do apologize for that. No matter how hard I tried, the colors weren't picking up as true to life as I wanted them to be. The swatches also are more true to life though! Something about Vibrant (the top right shade) made it hard to look exact. It kept looking like a brighter yellow, but it's actually more orangey yellow.

L to R - 
Angelic / Sexy / Sensual / Cool / Vibrant

I haven't looked for more reviews of this product, but I did find that most of the top shades were more sheer than the bottom shades. This makes sense to me though since I wouldn't want the black and white shades to overpower the bottom row of shades. I was personally kind of disappointed because I'm looking for a pigmented white and black lipstick, but that's only for when I really want to experiment. 

An interesting thing that I liked about the white and black shades is that they did a great job at lightening and darkening the bottom row. White based lipsticks look chalky against my skin, but I didn't find that at all when I was mixing the white base into other colors. 

L to R - 
Glamorous / Dazzling / Charming / Bubbly / Fascinating

The bottom row makes me so happy and I would wear all of them by themselves. My personal favorites are Glamorous because it is such a classic red and Fascinating because it's a more brown and muted red. Compared to the top row, the bottom row is more pigmented but all of these shades in the palette are very creamy and smooth and unsurprisingly have a cream finish with some shine to it. 

Vibrant x Fascinating

This was actually my first attempt at trying to do the ombre swatches to show how the colors could be mixed. I didn't mush my lips together as much as the other lip swatches below and so that's why the gradient isn't as smooth. 

As you can see on the very left side of the above picture, Vibrant does look more orange than that bright primary yellow my camera kept picking up. Vibrant helps add warmth to any color that it's mixed into it. 

As mentioned before, Fascinating is a brown based muted red that is probably the most wearable by itself from this palette. It looks more brown in the pan, but it swatches more red on my skin. 

Cool x Bubbly

Cool is a primary blue shade that helps other shades more cool toned. 

Bubbly is a bright coral that leans more on the orange side. 

Sensual x Charming

Sensual is a a purple shade that is supposed to help mute other shades, but I don't get that? Now that it's moving to fall, I do like this shade makes things more purpley and vampy though.

Charming is a bright blue based pink shade. 

Sexy x Dazzling

Sexy is a black shade that is supposed to help darker the other lipsticks. As mentioned, it is more on the sheer side though and so I wouldn't be too worried about it overpowering the "base" shade you want to darken.

Dazzling is a warm fuchsia color. I also really like this color by itself but mixing it with Sexy (center) is also gorgeous to me.

Angelic x Glamorous

I'm actually really proud of this last ombre! It' definitely looks way better than the first one.

Angelic is a white lipstick that helps make other lipsticks lighter. 

Glamorous is a classic red with some slight hints of orange to it. 

I liked using the silicone side of the lip brush to pick up the product and I felt like if I just used my fingers directly to get product from the pan, it comes out more sheer. If you go all the way up on this long post to the arm swatches, those were done with my fingers. The lip swatches were done also with fingers, but by scooping out product first. I would be careful with the amount of product you apply though since I did find the more I applied, the more it would slip around. That's the only real con to this product though!

My lips were actually pretty dry but all of the colors went on so well without catching onto my dry flakes. I wouldn't say that these lip colors added moisture to my lips, but they certainly didn't dry them out either. 

Final thoughts: While I do like this lip palette, I don't like that it's hard to reapply color if it's something I custom mixed. This would be a mostly at home product for me since it is pretty big in terms of packaging as well. I'm normally able to get about 3-4 hours of wear though and so I would wear something from this palette on a normal day, but not on a work day. I love all the colors in this palette and makes me feel creative when I use it (even though I'm not). I also love that all of the base / bottom row colors are pretty me colors and I would use them all the time even by themselves. 

*Memebox sent me this product for free to review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

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