Unsung Heroes #1 | #Blogmas Day 10

I've read some "Unsung Heroes" posts since I started blogging and it's always been one of the things I also wanted to start. I get so caught up on current releases that I sometimes ignore things that may be too boring at the time to read about. I also don't talk about a lot of base or non-colored products a lot since I can swatch them super well since they'll just look like nothing on the skin. 

Powder face products are something I barely talk about and barely show in my posts. I do use them though but I don't use them to prolong foundation wear time and so I feel like people won't want to read about them. I'm going to do it anyway in this post now though! 

As you can see in the picture above, I'm almost done with the NYX Cosmetics HD Finishing Powder in Banana. It's thin and very sheer, but it works really well to set my undereye concealer and eye shadow primer. I find that dusting a translucent powder over my lids make my eyeshadows blend so much better and so I do use it almost every day. I did buy the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light Recently because it's also yellowy, but I find myself loving the NYX Powder way more. 

The other powder I use a lot is the Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Powder in 30 Warm Nude. It reminds me of the NYX Cosmetics Stay Matte But Not Flat powder in that the finish is very natural. It's a soft matte with a soft glow that doesn't look cakey (unless you really pile it on) and adds a bit of coverage. I can normally dust this all over my face, but if I'm more oily, I would add concealer on my trouble spots and then buff on some of the Maybelline Powder on top to cover the rest of my face redness. 

Speaking of eye lid primer though, I use the Wet N Wild Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer all the time when I'm not using a cream colored base. It's an amazing eyeshadow primer with an awesome price. The discontinued Fergie primer from the Wet n Wild x Fergie collab is supposedly repackaged as the Photofocus Eyeshadow Primer, but I think the Fergie one was better. The Photofinish one is still good though! I just wanted to point it out for those who did use the Fergie one before. 

The two colored Unsung Heroes I use all the time are the MAC Cosmetics Paint Pot in Indianwood and the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in Rosewood Shimmer. Indianwood was actually my first ever MAC Cosmetics purchase and I feel like I should buy a new one since it's so old... Both of these products are things I gravitate to when I really don't know what to wear. They're both amazing and reliable as well and so they're not permanently on my desk in easy reaching distance. 

Lastly, the Unsung Hero I keep in my bag at all times is the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask. It was one of the few things that worked to soothe my lips when I was having that bad lip allergy. It is thick and pretty shiny though and so it was weird wearing it since I normally wear more matte finish lip products. It's expensive but it's 100% worth it to me.

What are some of your Unsung Heroes in your makeup collection?


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