Asian Beauty Haul ft. Holika Holika, Too Cool For School and Etude House | #Blogmas Day 13

I'm very much an Asian Beauty lover. I've mainly been into Korean Beauty because of how much K-pop I listen to and the rising trend of Korean Beauty products in western stores like Sephora and Ulta. I placed some orders on Jolse recently and they just came in! I say recently, but these orders were probably were from 3 weeks to a month ago. Besides Memebox which has a headquarters in the USA, I mostly use global stores that are based in South Korea and so a lot of my orders take forever to get to me. I really can't wait to use all of these products though and so I got so impatient for them to arrive!

Red Velvet / Tiramisu

In the past month or so, I became really into Gudetama. It's basically a lazy egg and oddly very adorable. When Holika Holika came out with their first launch of Gudetama items, I wasn't super interested since it was all skincare and blush (which I don't often wear). Their second launch included makeup and so I was all on that! I held off on the lip products, but jumped on the Lazy & Joy Cupcake Eye Palette Shadows in #1 Red Velvet and #2 Tiramisu. Surprisingly, every shade except the glitter shades are pigmented. The glitter shades are more sheer and thin, but very similar to other glitter shades I've tried in Korean Eyeshadow Palettes. 

I'm actually pretty set with most of my skincare and wasn't super interested in trying something new, but I really wanted to try out the Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping Pack for some reason. I've heard great things about this sleeping pack but mostly for moisture. Since I have dry skin, winter seemed like the perfect time to test out this sleeping mask!

L to R - 
Too Cool For School BB Cream, Concealer, and Highlighter
Etude House Cashew Nut Beige, Coconut Coral, 26, 27, and 28

The other Too Cool For School item I bought was the Artify After School BB Foundation Lunch Box SPF37 PA++ 40ml in Healthy Skin 30. Most BB Creams in #27 are slightly too light or just right depending on the season and so I took a chance when I saw that they had a #30! I haven't looked too deep into other company's color selections though since I feel like once I start, I won't stop buying them. This product comes with a BB Cream housed on the bottom of the packaging and in the lid, there's a cream highlighter and cream concealer. So far, I love the BB cream and highlighter, but I'm meh about the concealer.

Ohh, the Etude House My Little Nut collection. I've made a million jokes about this holiday collection's name already but it's really not the greatest name. I get that it's after the Little Nutcracker though, but still hilarious to me.

I did almost got the whole collection, but held off and only got the Lucky Cheek Beams in Cashew Nut Beige and Coconut Coral and the Play 101 Pencils in 26, 27, and 28. Their Play 101 Pencils are one of my absolute favorite chubby cream pencils and I'm a huge fan of liquid highlighters in general. All of the Play 101 Pencils are pretty sparkly and glittery - perfect for the holiday season! Haven't play too much with the highlighters yet, but they look pretty subtle so far.

Have you tried any of these products before? What other Asian Beauty brands do you recommend?

I want to get more into Japanese Beauty and so leave your suggestions below!

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