Review & Swatches: Etude House Twin Shot Lips Tint in PK002 and RD302 [Pink Bird Box]

Sorry for the delay! I had a really bad lip allergy to something for awhile and had to completely stop wearing lip products besides basic lip balms. Once my lips got better, I had to take more time to slowly test these out so that I wouldn't irritate my sensitive lips.

The last review for my most recent Etude Pink Bird Box is for the Twin Shot Lips Tints in PK002 Inner x Peach Shot and RD302 Dusty x Rose Shot. Like other Pink Bird Boxes, these items were sent to me for free for reviewing purposes. These dual ended lip products contains a Mousse Tint on one end to brighten and smooth out the lips and a Tint Shot on the other end to add more dimension to the lips. Etude House does recommend applying the Mousse Tint all over the lips and the Tint Shot in the center for a gradient look, but they both can be applied alone for a single lip product look. The Etude House Twin Shot Lips Tint contain 8 grams of product and retail for $14.40 on their global website here

L - PK002 Mousse Tint
R - PK002 Tint Shot

The Etude House Twin Shot Lips Tint in PK002 Inner x Peace Shot* is pretty interesting in that both ends are glossy and change colors once the product gets on your lips. The Mousse Tint initially looks like a clear pink and then turns a bright blue based magenta/fuchsia onto the lips. I hope this makes sense, but the color is very pigmented but it's not opaque? Your natural lip color will be completely hidden but if you have a freckle or something, that will show through. Once the shine of the Mousse Tint end goes away, it does leave behind a long lasting and comfortable tint. 

The Mousse Tint for PK002 is pretty liquidy and I kept accidentally applying too much the first couple of times. This duo also has a sweet chemical smell that I'm not a fan of and so I would be careful if you're sensitive to scents and can't judge the amount of product on the applicator like me...

The pink end looks white with golden shimmer in the tube but starts to turn more pink once it's applied onto the lips. If you were to apply it alone, the color does develop into a more pigmented pink. It's reacting to something, but I'm not sure to what since the Tint Shot does turn more pink in the tube as well once you put the applicator back in and then goes back to that original color. Fortunately, the fragrance of the Tint Shot isn't as strong as the Mousse tint.

I'm not even a gloss or shimmery lip person, but I love this combo. I still don't know if I'll wear it out in public since mattes are my comfort zone, but I dig the outcome so much. The layering makes it look a bit holographic and it is more wearable thank I initially though. Nothing feels gritty even though there are shimmers in the tint shot and both products don't feel tacky at all.

& here's a close up outtake! I love how it shows how beautiful the colors are layered on top of each other

L - RD302 Mousse Tint
R - RD302 Tint Shot

The Etude House Twin Shot Lips Tint in RD302 Dusty x Rose Shot* is more in my comfort zone! What you seen in the tubes is what you get on the lips and so there's no surprises except for texture.

The Mousse Tint feels pretty similar to the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams in that it feels like a lightweight almost matte but not quite there product with some slip to it. The slip doesn't lead to smudges all over the face but instead makes the product feel really comfortable and even hydrating on the lips. The staining effect isn't as strong as the Mousse Tint for PK002 but it also leaves a nice tint to the lips. The color isn't quite as dusty rose-y as I wanted it to be but instead it's a lovely dusty slightly terracotta based nude color.

The Tint Shot is a slightly glossy red that is just as pigmented and opaque as the Mousse Tint. It does set a bit more, but it's still glossier than the Mousse Tint. I'm starting to think that it's my skintone making things look more orangey though because this Tint Shot looks like a neutral red in the tube and looks more orangey on my lips. 

Both the Mousse Tint and Tint Shot of RD302 do have a slight fragrance to them, but it's not as strong as PK002.

The layering isn't as beautiful as PK002, but RD302 is definitely more wearable for me no matter how I wear the colors. The finish is also more my preference.

Like always, there's something not accurate about the coloring of these swatches. 

L - PK002 (Mousse Tint & Tint Shot)
R - RD302 (Mousse Tint & Tint Shot)

PK002 looks spot on, but RD302 looks more orange even compared to the already slightly orangey full face lip swatches. I do have a lot of yellow/golden tones to my skin though.

I'm also confused about the packaging. Etude House's website is showing a "button/click" style packaging for the Tint Shot in the description but both ends are doe foot applicators for me. I think they updated the packaging, but missed some promo pictures since the thumbnail for this product does reflect the packaging I have. 

Both ends have different applicators though! The applicator for the Mousse Tint is more triangular to help apply product all over the lips and the applicator for the Tint Shot is more like a cylinder with a ball at the end. The ball does help dot the product onto the lips for the gradient look, but it still works really well if I want to apply the Tint Shot all over the lips.

Final thoughts: I actually like both products more than I thought I would! PK002 is out of my comfort zone, but that doesn't change the fact that it is very beautiful, feels nice on the lips, and is long lasting. I'm definitely going to pay around with my look to see if I can fit it in more. If you're into these colors and a shimmery finish, then I do recommend checking it out. RD302 is now a bag staple for me though!. The Mousse Tint is very work and normal life friendly. I haven't been wearing reds as often, but the Tint Shot is an easy and pigmented red lip tint if I'm in a red lip mood especially if I blot down the shine. As I mentioned in the very beginning of this post, I did develop some kind of lip allergy and the Twin Shot Lips Tint did not irritate my lips or give me another flare up. 

*These products were sent to me for free as PR samples as part of Etude House's Pink Bird Program. As part of their program, I get sent a box of products each month to review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. This might be my last box though since I haven't got a Pink Bird renewal email. It's been really fun though and I'll be forever grateful for this opportunity. 

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