Review: CVS Pharmacy Nail Polish Remover (Sponge Jar)

CVS Pharmacy's Nail Polish Remover (the jar sponge version) contains 9 fl. oz of product for $3.29. This product is similar to Sephora's Instant Nail Polish Remover and Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover. It's a giant sponge soaked in nail polish remover. What stands out with this product is that there's a sponge attached to a wire so that you can use it to clean your toes too. 

I tried this remover with a Sally Hansen's Sugar Coat Polish and OPI's Suzy's Hungary Again. The Sally Hansen polish was a bit harder to remove compared to the OPI polish, but they were so easily removed off my finger nails. I didn't have to scrub that hard into the sponge (and I couldn't really squish the sponge that hard anyway). I don't think this would be as great with more glittery polishes like OPI's Liquid Sand Polishes and Zoya's Pixie Dust Polishes.

Some color was left over on the edges of my nails, but the removable sponge piece helped with that. It says it's a toenail dauber for toenails and hard to clean areas, but there's way too much product soaked onto the sponge to clean your toenails and not have liquid everywhere. 

The packaging is bulky and because you have to dip your fingers into it, it can only be used for your fingernails. If you have this, you still need to have another kind of nail polish remover. This is really quick for simple polishes, but I'd rather just use cotton balls and acetones. It's easier to scrub off those hard to remove polishes (like glitter) with a cotton ball, too. 

You can dip cotton swabs and cotton balls into this, but that defeats the purpose of this product. 

Final thoughts: At $3.29, it is a good product if you paint your nails regularly with normal kind of manicures. If you like glitters and hard to remove polishes, don't get it. It has a lot of product, and so I'm probably not going to finish this any time soon. I might repurchase when it runs out. It is convient to use because my manicures tend to be very boring. I just don't like that I have to have another bottle of nail polish remover for toe nails and hard to remove polishes.

Where to buy / How Much : $3.29 (price may vary depending on where you live) at CVS Pharmacy


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