Review & Swatches: Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes #8 and Color in Liquid Lips Juicy in #RD305

Etude House recently came out with their big S/S Collection called Berry Delicious! I was super fortunate to be sent some of the items from this collection since I'm a part of their Pink Bird program. I received a cushion foundation and blush, but I'll just be reviewing the Fantastic Color Eyes Palette in #8 Strawberry Fondue and Color in Liquid Lips Jucy in #RD305 Berry Very Much in this post!

I was honestly so excited about everything in this collection. The packaging is super cute and I love pinky red tones that can be found in almost all the products. I almost even bought most of the collection right when it came out, but I wanted to see what Etude House would send me first. 

There are two Fantastic Color Eye shadow palettes and the one I have is called #8 Strawberry Fondue*. There are few different finishes in this palette - two mattes, one satin, two glitters, and one metallic. This palette contains 6 x 0.02 ounces / 0.7 grams of product and retails for $16.80 on the global Etude House website here.

L to R (did 2-3 layers using my fingers to swatch) - 

Hazelnut Chocolate - A sheer matte slightly rosey midtone brown. It looks more neutral brown in the pan, but the more rosey pink tones are more apparent on the lids. 

Berry Milk Chocolate - A sheer matte neutral peachy pink. This is probably the most disappointing shade in the palette since it is so sheer, but I can definitely make it work as a transition and blending shade. 

Sugary Butter - A glitter eyeshadow with a golden base and mostly lavender and gold glitter. I would describe this as a strictly "top coat" kind of eyeshadow though because the base isn't pigmented enough to work alone.

Cheese Berry - Never realized the name of this shade until now... Anyway. It is a bright pink with some golden shimmers. The base is mostly matte and I would say it has a satin finish. It has more pigmentation than the previous three shades.

Fresh Strawberry - A shimmery dark red based pink with golden and strawberry red shimmers. It's almost as glittery as Sugary Butter, but the base is more pigmented.

Dip! Dip! - A metallic dark red based brown shade. The shimmers are mostly the same dark bronzey shade as the base, but there's also some gold and lavender in there as well. 

All of these shadows were easy to blend out and I only saw fall out from Sugary Butter. The shadows are on the sheer side (mostly the mattes) but they can be built up to be more pigmented. 

Hazelnut Chocolate in the crease - Dip! Dip! in the outer third - Fresh Strawberry on the inner two thirds

Berry Milk Chocolate in the crease - Cheese Berry in the inner and outer thirds - Sugary Butter in the center of the lids

I'm slightly disappointed in the pictures I took for the eye swatches. The matte shades barely show up, but they're a lot more obvious in person. The rest of the colors are accurate though!

Overall, I am very happy with this palette. Sure, they aren't as pigmented as their Western counterparts, but they all work well together and the colors are perfectly paired together. For my skin tone, I wish there was a darker / more pigmented matte shade though. 

The biggest con I have about this palette is how finicky Sugary Butter is. The fallout was crazy when used with a brush, but it works perfectly fine and stayed in place pretty well when applied with my fingers. 

I did not find any creasing or fading with these shadows when used with or without primers. My preference is to use a primer though mostly to hold the glitter from Sugary Butter in place and to bump up the pigmentation for the two matte shades.

The Color in Liquid Lips Juicy line is a branch off their original liquid lipstick line just called Color in Liquid Lips. The "juicy" colors are more watery in texture and more like stains instead. The color I got is #RD305 Berry Very Much* and it's also the shade Krystal from F(X) is also wearing in the ads. There is 0.12 ounces / 3.5 grams of product and retails for $12.40 on the global Etude House website that can be found here.

L - Freshly swatched
R - Left on for 1 minute and then wiped off to show the stain

I was initially disappointed in this product because of how sheer it was compared to the Color in Liquid Lips I already had in my collection BUT THEN! I realized they were two different products. Don't get me wrong, the Color in Liquid Lips Juicy are still pigmented, but there's a translucency to them that is very similar to other stains in the market right now. I would say that it goes on like a pigmented less tacky gloss and then sets to be a slightly satiny pigmented stain.

The product initially goes on glossy and then dries over time to leave a very beautiful strawberry red stain. You can also build up the color to be as glossy and pigmented as they look in the ads, but my preference is to just have at most 2 layers on. They take a few seconds to stain the lips and so I don't want to risk my hair dragging the product somewhere and having my face stained. 

The color dries down very gracefully. I feel like the gloss like texture helps the color apply and fade evenly. With more traditional lip stains, they usually dry a lot faster and leave my lips looking uneven. The stain can last all day, but they're also easy to remove from your lips. 

I'm wearing all the products I received in the February Pink Bird Box in the above photos. 

Once I understood what RD305 was supposed to be, I loved it. I love stains and they tend to last longer than matte liquid lipsticks. Stains are usually drying, but the Color in Liquid Lips in #RD305 did not make my lips feel dry. Again, I feel like the initial glossy finish helps out with that along with the even coloring. Once the color fully sets and stains your lips, you can also just used a regular lip balm if your lips feel dry. There wasn't any transferring either.

Final thoughts: I'm a huge fan of both the Fantastic Color Eyes Palette in #8 Strawberry Fondue and Color in Liquid Lips Juicy in #RD305 Berry Very Much. Most of the colors in the palette follow the same trend of Korean eyeshadows of being more on the sheer but natural side, but the shimmery/metallic shades were surprisingly pigmented. The shadows blend very easily and I really love the color combinations that can be created using this palette. The glossy lip stain is different for me since I tend to stay away from a lot of glossy products. I've been slowly collecting pinky reds opposed to dark brick reds and this color is now one of my favorites. Most colors that have a strawberry kind of a red to them are usually very pink and bright, but this shade leans more red and is more wearable. 

I tried to make my reviews on these products as compact as possible, but please let me know if you have more questions in the comments! 

I'm glad that I did end up splitting the box in half to review and the second one will go up in two days. This post was already wordy and so I can't even think about how much wordier it would be if I also included the other two products. Whew!

*These products were sent to me for free as PR samples as part of their Pink Bird Program. As part of their program, I get sent a box of products each month to review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

What do you think of these products? Do you like pinky reds in general or are they just for the lips and cheeks?


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