My 5 Minute Face! ft. Glossier

A few months ago, Glossier asked me what products I used to enhance my natural beauty without covering it up. I was waiting for my Glossier order at the time and so I queued up the post to think about it again after trying out their products. In regular Hao fashion, I lagged and forgot about it until now when I noticed that I was using a lot of their products.

My personal makeup philosophy is to wear whatever makes you happy (and usually that's tons of eyeshadow and lipstick for me), but I do love a quick and easy makeup routine that I can rely on when I'm low on time. 

As you can see on the left, my bare face has some less than perfect imperfections. Besides the random blemishes that keep popping up, I am pretty happy with my features! When I don't want to wear much makeup or don't have a lot of time, I focus on the base, brows, and lashes. 

After washing my face, I lay down a layer of the Glossier Priming Moisturizer. My skin is pretty dehydrated during the winter and so this product just by itself isn't always enough. When I'm running late, I don't always want to grab my emulsion and essence as well and so I create a DIY tinted moisturizer to add even more moisture. 

I mix a pea sized amount of the moisturizer and 2 drops of the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops. It's optional, but I've also been mixing a small amount of the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal as well to liven up my dull skin. I've tried other tinted moisturizers, but most of those have made my skin feel heavy and they never really set. 

This mixture + a damp sponge is great for just evening out my skin. If there are blemishes, I add another drop of the Cover FX Customer Cover drops into the same mixture and dab it over those areas to build up the coverage. 

For brows, I just quickly run the Glossier Boy Brow in Brunette over the hairs and slightly brush the front hairs up to make they look bushier. There are fibers in this brow pomade and so they help make the brow hairs look thicker and I love how there's no shine like how some brow gels give me.  

The last step for my eyes is to just curl my lashes and give them a few coats of the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara in Very Black

My lips haven't been in the greatest shape, and so I've been using a thin layer of the Glossier Balm Dotcom Universal Skin Salve to help them out. I also use this salve on my elbows since they've also been super dry. If I want more color, I do sometimes grab my Dior Addict Lip Glow in Pink or Lipstick Queen Frog Prince (review here). 

Done! My easy peasy 5 minute face that just enhances what I already have and hides what I don't want. If I have more time after doing this look, I add a touch cream eyeshadow on my lids and then run out the door!

Side note - While Glossier did ask me to write up a post about my "Fresh Face" look, I was not required or sent any of their products. It was just a coincidence that I bought their products around that time and ended up really loving them. 

What products do you use for your 5 minute face? How do you feel about Glossier products?


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