Review & Swatches: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Masochist

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Masochist is a dark raspberry / fuchsia matte liquid lipstick and surprisingly, it's one of the colors I wear the most from Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Even though this color is from their permanent line, it was sold out for a long time and is coming back on February 12th! I actually got this the same time as Androgyny, but didn't feel rushed to do it until now so that I can put my thoughts out there before the huge restock. There is 0.19 fluid ounces / 5.6 grams of product and retails for $18. You can find it on the Jeffree Star Cosmetic website here, but also on Beautylish here (which has free shipping over 30!).

The texture of Masochist is a bit different than Unicorn Blood or Androgyny - it's a bit more creamy/mousey and a touch thicker. I think because of that, it isn't as transfer proof but I do feel like it is more moisturizing. The staining power is pretty impressive though since it's the only out of the three colors I have that still leave color even if I wipe it off right away. 

In the intro, I mention that this color is a dark raspberry / fuchsia shade but it's still pretty bright and vibrant. It's not neon though and that's what helps this color be more wearable. 

The color does dry completely matte and the color is very pigmented straight from the tube. With the slightly curved brush, it's easy to make crisp lines as well (like above). Even so, I much prefer to put a little bit on my lips and spread it out with my fingers to make the edges look a bit more blurred.

Using the brush is totally fine, but I find that I sometimes over apply too much product that way. 

To attest to the longevity of the product, the above picture is after 13 hours of wear, eating Shabu Shabu, and talking almost non stop during work. There were no touch ups as well! It's not as vibrant and pigmented, but there's no patchiness, flaking, or uneven fading at all. 

Masochist isn't as drying as Unicorn Blood (review here) or Androgyny (review here), but it's still slightly drying. I was able to put on lip balm through out the day with no problems, but only if it's a thin one like the Nivea Kiss of ___ lip balms. Anything heavier might break down the color faster. 

Above is actually one of my favorite pictures of me wearing Masochist. My blouse is pretty much the same shade but a bit brighter and it really brightens up my dark winter days (not really though since I'm in California....) I'm also sorry that it's an embedded Instagram picture! I prematurely deleted it and can't find it anywhere anymore. 

Final thoughts: I have nothing but raves for this particular shade and formula from Jeffree Star Cosmetics and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone that's even thinking about getting it. It's not as transfer proof as the other two shades I have from Jeffree Star Cosmetics, but it's still as long lasting. Even when the product transfers onto my cups and straws, the color only lips still look perfect. As someone who doesn't particularly like bright colors, this one does feel oddly very wearable depending on what other makeup products I'm wearing during the day. 

What do you think about this color/product? What other colors do you hope Jeffree Star Cosmetics come out with?

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