Review & Swatches: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Unicorn Blood

Jeffree Star Cosmetics had a Free Shipping promotion a few weeks ago and I decided to pick up a Velour Liquid Lipstick in Unicorn Blood! It's a deep brown based "rusty" red and it might sound odd, but it does remind me of blood. The Velour Liquid Lipsticks are liquid lipsticks that set to a matte and long wearing finish. Unicorn Blood contains 0.19 ounces and retails for $18. 

It was hard to capture how deep of a red this shade is, but what you see on the doe foot applicator is pretty accurate compared to what you see through the container. 

The applicator is a bit interesting since it slightly curves like a "C." It helps contour to the shape of the lip, but it's not my favorite applicator. I like when doe foot applicators are more flat because it helps me be more precise. This is totally my preference though and it's not a deal breaker! It still gets the work done. 

L to R: 
Jeffree Star Cosmetics | Unicorn Blood
MAC Cosmetics | Viva Glam I
Urban Decay | Gash
L'oreal | Zoe's Red
NYX | Cabaret 
Life's Entropy | Big Bang Theory

To see the color better, I did some color swatches of my deep red shades. I feel like the closest color match is Cabaret, but it's not deep enough.

Viva Glam I was always my go-to deep brick red shade but now everything has changed!

I had a bit of trouble making the lines precise with using the applicator, but it doesn't look too bad. 

I took this picture after getting a haircut (3ish hours after application) and the color was still definitely going strong. My foundation on my nose bridge though... that was definitely slipping around due to my glasses. 

I feel like this is a perfect deep red for those with my skin tone and deeper. It's dark, but not dark enough that I can't wear it during the day. Even though I do wear Viva Glam I a lot, it still feels bright. 

The brown undertones also makes it more wearable for everyone as well! I like my other deep reds like Big Bang Theory and Gash, and so it leans more vampy that I want them to. 

I took the above picture before work when the natural light was being weird and so my face looks way too pale. I still wanted to include this picture since it shows how the color can be used as more of a stain.

It turns more muted but it still has the deep red qualities that I love from using it straight out of the tube. I don't know how to explain the color besides a redwood red.

The color definitely lasts all day without any smudging, smearing, and fading. I wore it to work one day and I'm an all day snacker. I also drink water non stop and the color still looked great! I did notice a bit of red dots on my straw, but only if I looked super close to check. 

Final thoughts: I'm a fan of this formula! (Side Story: It's weird buying stuff from Jeffree Star Cosmetics because I was on MySpace when Jeffree Star was really big on there. I used to check his page since his style was kind of what I wanted to be... I was a wannabe scene kid.) It lasts all day and even though there's a bit of dryness, it's not as drying as other liquid lipsticks I've tried. The price point is also reasonable compared to other mid-range lipsticks considering it is one of the better formulas. I highly recommend this shade if you're looking for a deep brick red in an amazing formula! I can't wait for Jeffree Star Cosmetics to come out with more "wearable" shades so that I could get more since I would probably never wear the more fun shades they have in my everyday life. 

Have you tried Jeffree Star Cosmetics? Are you excited for their upcoming releases involving lip scrubs and non-liquid lipsticks?


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