Review & Swatches: Burberry Wet & Dry Silk Shadow in No. 102 Pale Barley

The Burberry Wet & Dry Silk Shadow in Pale Barley is one of those products I feel like every beauty blogger talks about. And now I'm going to be one of them! I wanted this during the Sephora VIB sale, but wasn't able to get it until weeks after (there was an unfortunate error and then went out of stock). Burberry claims that their Wet & Dry Silk Shadows are "ultra-blendable, super-soft and weightless with an intense colour pay-off." This eyeshadow contains 2.7 grams / 0.09 ounces of product and retails for $29. While the price is pretty hefty, it does contain about double the amount of product compared to most powder eye shadows. 

The texture of this eyeshadow is very fine and silky. I wouldn't say it's creamy like Makeup Forever Artist eyeshadows though. Like the Burberry Blush in Earthy (review here), this product does blend into the skin very easily. It's also easy to over blend the color into nothing if you're not careful. Surprisingly, this product even works well with the sponge tip applicator. 

The Wet & Dry Silk Shadows are formulated so that you can have two different effects depending on how it's applied. I just use a setting or fixing spray when applied wet and I find that it helps the shadow stick on the lid better.

There is a beautiful sheen on the lids when this product is applied dry. Looking at the product in the pan makes it look like it would be shimmery, but it instead has a satin / natural finish to the eyes. There's a bit of a "twinkle" that is just enough to make your eyes stand out. To me, Burberry gives off a classic and natural beauty kind of image and so this kind of finish is very align with the brand. 

When applied dry (like above), Pale Barley is a slightly cool brown with a golden sandy sheen. When applied wet, an almost silvery sheen comes through and makes it more cool toned / taupey. In terms of shimmery brown colors, this one is pretty unique - which is weird because it does look a bit boring in the pan. I thought this color would fall in the golden bronze category like theBalm's eyeshadow in Seductive but the shift of silver / cooler tones makes it stand out.

Personally, this is a bit light to be a one and done wash of color on my lids. I need a bit of a neutral transition color in my crease so that I don't look washed out. For people lighter than me (NC35ish), I can totally see how this would be the perfect color for that though. When applied wet, the shadow does become more pigmented though and so that's my preferred way on using it. 

L to R:
Just a transition shade in the crease
Pale Barley applied dry on the lid
Pale Barley applied wet just on the center for that shine

Because the color is barely there on my skin tone, I do like to either use a tackier base like the Wet n Wild Take On The Day Primer to make it more pigmented from the get go or apply it wet. I'm not saying that this eye shadow is sheer though - it's just too similar to my skin color. In terms of staying power, it does last all day with and without a primer. 

Final thoughts: I can definitely see why this color is a cult favorite - but only for those who are lighter than me. It's a beautiful color and has a beautifully smooth satin formula. It blends in very well and looks great by itself or with other color combinations. I personally wouldn't repurchase this color, but the formula has convinced me to try out a darker shade in this line. I will also say that the formula is great for those with  more fine lines. It's very forgiving because of the sheeny satin finish and just glides over your skin. If this exact color is your jam, I would highly recommend to get it. If you're the slightest bit iffy about the color, I would go swatch it to see how well it works with your coloring. I would've preferred it to be a touch warmer, but that's just a personal preference.

Net A Porter's Editor also said, "Pale Barley will give paler complexions a barely-there but flawless look." I feel like I should've really taken that to heart before splurging.... but no regrets!

Have you tried Pale Barley? What do you think about it? What are your favorite one and done eyeshadows?

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