Review & Swatches: Tarte Tartelette In Bloom Palette

The Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Palette is the second edition of their bestselling Tartelette Palette, but it's more warm toned plus some shimmery shades thrown in. The original Tartelette Palette is all matte and is more neutral to cool toned, but it would look very cool toned on my warm skin. When the Tartelette in Bloom Palette was released early for Ulta Platinum members, I jumped on it right away! It has a row of cool, neutral, and warm shades and the three shimmery shades were such great editions to a mostly matte palette. The whole palette contains 0.636 ounces of product (9 mattes and 3 shimmery shades) and retails for $45.

For a comparison, the original Tartelette Palette is on the left and the Tartelette in Bloom Palette is on the right!

I was a fan of the mauvey tones in the Tartelette Palette, but everything just looked muddy on my lids if I used more than two shades and didn't blend together that well. I ended up not doing a review on this palette because I was so meh about it. I do sometimes reach for it though since a lot of the colors work really well as transition shades in my crease.
Before all of the swatches and review, I do want to say that the mattes were pretty consistent in texture but not in a great way? They're slightly dry and you can feel a very slight grittiness if you touch the shadow with your fingers. In comparison, Lorac matte shadows are a lot more smooth and fine to the touch. The Tarte shadows did apply well on my lids but it something to thing about if you're more accustomed to mattes from Lorac and even Urban Decay. I just wanted to put this in the beginning of the review instead of reiterating it in each section.

On me, the top row is the cooler toned row with mostly taupe-y undertones. 

Swatched L to R -

Charmer is described as an off white matte shade. On my medium skin tone, I don't really get much use out of this shadow because it can sometimes look too stark. If I want an all matte look, I would just place this into my inner corner though.

Jetsetter is described as a warm taupe and surprisingly works well on my warm skin tone. It still looks cool, but there isn't a stark contrast between my skin and the shadow. 

Rocker is described as a shimmering taupe. It also works on my warm skin tone, but I much prefer the other two shimmer shades in this palette. 

Smokeshow is described as a black brown, but you can also see that it's more on the cool toned side on the skin and in the pan.

  1. Jetsetter was used in the inner and outer third of the lids
  2. Rocker was placed in the center and Jetsetter was lightly blended into the crease again to soften the edges
  3. Smokeshow was used in the outer third of the lids to wing out my eyes
  4. Charmer was used just in the inner corner to brighten up my eyes a bit more
This cooler toned row is not my favorite, but all of the colors do pair up really well together and are still wearable. I feel like you could even just take this row by itself to make a really nice quad. 

The middle row is more neutral out of the three, but there is still a bit of warmth in it due to Firecracker.

Swatched L to R -

Flower Child is described as a "peachy nude" and it's probably the shade that works the best as a matte highlight on me. It swatches a tiny bit yellow on me and doesn't appear too stark on my skintone.

Smarty Pants is described as a "tan" shade and I would say it's more neutral than Jetsetter but they're on the same level of brightness. I was hoping that this would be that perfect crease / transition shade, but it's a touch too light on me and so I do tend to layer it on more.

Firecracker is described as a "bronze copper" and that's exactly what it is. I was glad that this shade was the one they made shimmery because it's an easy color to throw on the lid with just a bit of mascara. 

Activist is described as a "dark brown" and it looks pretty similar to Smokeshow on me. If you look super closely at the pans, it does look more neutral but both colors look the same on my eyes. I had a bit of a problem layering this color onto Firecracker too and noticed that the darker shades all had the similar issue.

  1. Flower Child was swept across my brow bone to highlight and slightly clean up that area
  2. Smarty Pants was blended into the crease to set down a base color.
  3. Firecracker is all over the lid
  4. Activist was used just in the outer corner to give my eyes some dimension. I also used Smarty Pants again to soften any edges

My favorite row is probably the last because there were some beautifully warm colors. 

Swatched L to R -

Funny Girl is described as a "Champagne" but there are some very subtle lavender shimmers throughout it as well. This shade is probably my favorite shade out of the palette because it is slightly different from the standard champagne color.

Sweetheart is described as a "Peach" shade but there is also some mauvey pinkness to it. It's a beautiful color, but I wish it was a touch darker because it barely shows up on my eyes.

Rebel is described as a "Chestnut Brown" and there is some red tones to it. It is noticeable darker than Sweetheart and that's also one of the reasons why I wanted that shade to be darker as well. 

Leader is described as "Aubergine" but I don't really see a deep purpley color. In the pan, it looks like a very reddy purple shade but it doesn't look that way swatched or on the eye. I do think it looks more wearable on the skin, but the promo pictures for this shade is what really drew my attention to this palette.

  1. Sweetheart is in the crease as a transition shade
  2. Rebel is applied on the outer half of the lid
  3. Leader was used to deepen the outer edges of my eyes on the upper and lower lashlines
  4. Funny Girl was used on the inner half of the lids to pen them up more
The packaging thin and doesn't take up a lot of room, but the mirror is also big enough that I can easily see my whole face. The design on the cover is also super pretty, but that doesn't really matter. I'm just a fan of nice packaging. Ulta didn't really pack my package that well and so the mirror is a bit loose, but super glue easily fixed that.

A part of me wished that there was a dark shimmery shade as well, but I felt like the shimmery shades in the palette were the best choices. Besides the second column being a touch light, I felt like every color worked well together and was well thought out.

Final thoughts: I wouldn't wholeheartedly recommend this palette like I do with my Lorac Unzipped Palette, but I personally like it a lot more than the original Tartelette palette. The texture isn't amazing to the touch, but they still blend out well and stayed on my lids all day without fading or creasing. I wish the whole 2nd column was darker though because they're right in the middle of being perfect crease/transition shades and being matte highlight shades. I end up slightly dabbing my brush into the darker colors, but there's always a risk of dabbing too much and creating too dark of a look. I feel like for people who like to dabble in cool, neutral, or warm shadows, you might want to look into it. I'm not wow-ed by this palette, but I don't regret it. If you're a fan of Tarte eye shadow textures, I would pick this up since the colors are very well coordinated. 

Do you have this palette? Do you like the original one better? What do you think of Tarte Shadows?


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