Review & Swatches: Mally Beauty Bulletproof Essentials Starter Kit

The Mally Beauty Bulletproof Essentials Start Kit features 5 products from their line and retails for $49 but has a $120 value. Everything except the Face Defender is full sized, but the kit's version is 0.41 ounces vs. the full sized's version 0.46 ounces. I already reviewed the face defender here, but the only difference is the size and packaging. I much refer this kit's version because it's more compact and there's room for a sponge too. 

L to R -

Volumizing Mascara (0.39 fluid ounces) in Black
High Shine (0.12 ounces) in Starburst
Shadow Stick (0.06 ounces) in Saddle Shimmer
Eyeliner (0.04 ounces) in Black Velvet

Starburst (very left) is a neutral light pink lip gloss that has iridescent glitter. The claims include being a lip primer, lipstick, lip gloss, and lip liner all in one. It gives a nice and healthy effect to the lips, but the shimmer is too obvious for me. The pigmentation isn't that great though and so if your lips are pigmented, it won't show up that pink. 

Honestly, I don't wear glosses that often and didn't do that long of a wear test since I don't wear glosses enough to make a fair evaluation. While wearing it, it felt very smooth and thin though. It doesn't feel sticky and adds a nice tint to my lips. If it didn't have shimmer, I would actually wear it with some of my more matte dry looking lip products. There wasn't any plumping effect and so it just made your lips look shiny. 

There is a very faint smell to it and I quite like it. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it is sweet and floral-y. You can't smell it after it has been applied though. 

Saddle Shimmer (the next two swatches on my arm) is a shimmery warm bronzey color. The Mally Beauty Shadow Stick claims to be a primer, shadow base, and eye shadow all in one. I've worn it multiple times already and it did not crease or fade at all. It didn't feel thick or drying like some other cream shadows I've tried - potted and stick form. 

I blend it out using my finger and it's very easy to do so. One swipe across the lids is enough color for me, but it can be built up to be a darker brown. It feels like nothing on the lids too and works very well as a base. In the below pictures, I used it all over my lids. 

Black Velvet (the last two swatches on my arm) is a basic black eyeliner, but you can see a bit of shimmer if you look very very closely at the product. It doesn't show up when used though and so I can still use this to tightline my eyes. It's creamy and soft, but takes a bit longer to dry compared to Marc Jacob Beauty Gel Highliner in Blacquer. 

For the below pictures, I smudged it out near the lash line to give a smokey lined effect and also tightlined my upper lashline. You can see that there's a bit of black on my lower lashline though because I closed my eyes too soon after applying to the upper lashline. It looked nice and so I just kept it there. 

The Voluminzing Mascara in Black is a product that is highly raved about from the Mally Beauty line. Unfortunately, this non-waterproof version made my lashes wilt immediately. In the below pictures, You can see how my lashes were curled and then how they straightened out with the mascara. 

It's also a very wet formula and so it is supposed to give volume, but it clumped up my lashes instead. It also has a traditional brush applicator and those usually clump my lashes a lot easier. I did layer it on top of the Maybelline The Rocket Waterproof mascara like how I usually do with non-waterproof mascaras and it worked so much better. I do not have it pictured in this review, but it did pump up my lashes. 

I'm going to give this mascara another chance after a few weeks when it has dried out more though. Most wet mascaras work so much better on my lashes after some time has passed. For right now, this product has a thumbs down for me. 

In the above picture, you can also see the tightline. It's not super black because some of it transferred to my bottom lashline. Luckily, it was only at the area closest to my eyeball and so the actual lashline does look thicker from the front view. 

To save people some time from this already super long post, refer to this post for my review on the Face Defender! I started using it under foundations these past few weeks and it also works great at smoothing out the skin and mattifying the overall look without any setting powder.

Final thoughts: On the left picture above, I only have foundation, brows, and the face defender on. On the right, I have the rest of the kit on. I really loved how all eye products just defined my eyes without going overboard. I would've liked more curl, but it can't be helped since it is a non-waterproof formula. I had to color correct the left photo since it was too cool toned and blue, but my bare lip color is accurate. On the right picture, my lips look more healthy with the color and sheen. I basically bought this kit because I wanted one more backup of the face defender but was willing to spend a bit more to try out more products. I'm very glad I got this kit, but I'm not a huge fan of the lip gloss or mascara. I can still work with the mascara if I layer it on top of a waterproof one, but it's unlikely that I'll wear the gloss that often. I would still recommend this kit though because it's a great value with some very great products. 

What product are you the most interested in from the kit?



  1. You did an honest review :) Great! I have the same method with the mascaras haha! ^^
    Love, Jenny

  2. A part of me felt like I was being so neutral about it instead of giving a definitive review, but the mascara and lip gloss were just ... okaay. Not horrible, but not great only for my preference.

    I wish my lashes could hold a curl! What mascara is your favorite?

  3. What are your thoughts on the lip product actually living up to all it's claims? Unsure how a gloss type product can also be a lip liner :P. Your idea of applying regular mascara over waterproof mascara is awesome! I've never thought of that before, now maybe I can buy some regular mascaras to try in that method!

    Btw what camera do you use? I love your macro shots :)

  4. If i just thought of the lip product as a gloss, it's great (based on my limited exposure to gloss). I liked that it wasn't sticky or too shiny / plasticy. For the other aspects like lip primer and lip liner, I felt like it did nothing. I'm thinking they made it to say that the product by itself won't feather and stuff, but meh. Since the gloss is so sheer, I wouldn't say that it is a lipstick but there are some other deeper colors from the range.

    I love layering mascaras! I used to throw away high end mascara samples after testing to see if they would work on my straight lashes, but now I can enjoy them! I do the same method for primers too :D I have a Nikon CoolpixS8100 from a few years ago, but it's just a normal point and shoot. I'm saving up for a nicer camera (:

  5. Love the sheer pink color of the lip gloss, but I can't picture how it work as a lip liner haha

  6. I feel like it's supposed to mean that the color won't bleed out? But yeah, the claims are way too much and don't make sense for a lip gloss. :(

  7. I really love the look of all the products! Especially the cream eyeshadow and eyeliner! I've never cared much for pale glosses but only realize now how useful they are over lipsticks! That's too bad the mascara was sooo meh! It really didn't do much on your lashes!

  8. I've been wearing the cream shadow non stop. I feel like the color is similar to Maybellie's Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze, but with a way better formula. I have some glosses that I feel guilty throwing away and so I like putting them on top of lipsticks, but this was was just... not for me? I don't hate it, but shimmery lip products are really not my thing. I also really wanted the mascara to work! People say so many good things about it, but my lashes are pretty wimpy without a good layer of waterproof mascara.