Hao Are You? #9 // New Schedule, Makeup, and Piercings!!

The lighting is making my hair and skin look so incredibly off

I'm going to change my schedule by a day and start posting on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and maybe Saturdays. I usually try to keep the update posts and non-makeup related posts for weekends, but I didn't have time. I spent all yesterday re-doing my resume and I forgot how stressful it is! I finished for now and so I'm feeling a lot happier. 

I tend to procrastinate and my course load this quarter is very text based and so I'm going to spend a lot of my weekend studying / catching up. I wanted to give myself another day to put up a post instead of sleepily writing one on Sunday night instead. I'm posting this on a Monday so that I can still post something else on Tuesday. I love my blog, but I might be neglectful for awhile since school is my priority right now. 

In the above two pictures, I was texting out new makeup but these are the reject photos. The left one was actually just a selfie I wanted to send to my friends. The one on the right wasn't showing the blush and eyeshadow colors correctly and I couldn't color correct them, but I still wanted to post both of these somewhere. I started winging out my eyeshadow recently and I really like how it looks. I would put a color in my crease and extend it to make more of a point. Because of this, I haven't been adding any product besides mascara on my lower lashline area. 

Some of the new products I was testing out in the above (and below) pictures are SugarPill Sparkle Baby Palette, Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadow in Grandstand, and ColourPop Lippie Stix. The ColorPop Lippie Stix are showing up beautifully on my lips, but horrible in photos though and it's annoying me so much. I got Bull Chic and it looks so patchy and uneven in pictures enough though it looks super opaque and amazing in real life. 


I went to the mall with my roommate recently and I got some new earrings. I also get a third lobe piercing!! I just got it at Claire's because there was a discount on piercings. I also do buy a lot of earrings from them though because they're one of the few places where my sensitive ears don't react negatively to. I got the KatyCat earrings from the Katy Perry collection and I think they're so cute!


I also had to include some food pictures! I went on a date with my boyfriend and we got Red Robins... Yum! I can't help but hear the jingle whenever I say the name too. I've mentioned it before, but I upgraded my phone and I'm so in love with the picture quality. Way less grainy than my iPhone 4. 

How have you been?
I love hearing updates! (:


  1. I've been pretty busy with school, too! Good luck on studying c: - And your pics look great and the earrings are super cute! :)
    Love, Jenny

  2. Aww, good luck with school to you too!

    Thank you! I stopped wearing earrings for about a year and so it's so weird wearing them again.

  3. Hi Hao! Nom those burgers! I've never heard of red robins, must be a States thing :). I like your earrings! I think piercings are so cool. Do you have any others?

    I actually got a second cartilage piercing in Korea for $15! (Costs $60 over here). It was a bit scary because I don't even think she used a new needle.... Anyway it's ok now so no sweat. Haha!

  4. Hi Kim! :D

    Red Robins is a pretty good burger place! But it might be a bit too much considering it is just a burger. hahaha I love piercings. I only have lobe piercings and one rook though. My rook is probably my favorite and makes people think I'm edgier than I actually am.

    I'm so jealous of your cartilage piercings! I got two, but they never healed probably and so I took them out. My ears are so sensitive and I think they reacted to the metal. I'm glad yours are okay though!

  5. Rook piercings are so cool! I like that you can see both ends of the piercing. I have super sensitive ears too, I can only use stainless steel jewellery. And my cartilage piercings are forever sensitive -__- I think they generally take a long time to heal though! I also have a skanky belly button piercing lol. Are you thinking of getting any more?

  6. I get a lot of "sensitive solution" earrings from a store called Claire's. I want to order from Etsy, but I'm too nervous about how my ears will react. :( My cartilage still wasn't healed after 1.5 years and so I gave up. I love the idea of belly button piercings and septum rings, but I'm insanely ticklish and I have bad allergies. I get overly aware of anything around my stomach and immediately start giggling.

  7. Haha! THAT FACE you have looking at that plate of food! That's like me at every meal! And my boyfriend would be looking at me with a grin because of how I act around food! Oh wow, don't get me started on piercings! I had a horrible time with my first 5 lobe piercings, all done with a gun and they all got infected horribly! Skin even turned color for a while but after realizing it was because of my bad care, lack of listening to the shop's advice and allergy to regular metals and plastics I know have 3 more cartilage piercings (all different) and all my 8 piercings are happy and well! People look at me and think 'so sweet, pretty, typical asian girl' and then my ears are decked out! :p

  8. Food just makes me so happy! hahahaha My first lobe piercings were horribly infected and it made me so nervous to get more, but I bit the bullet and I really do love all the piercings I have. They make me feel cooler especially since I totally also look like the typical asian girl hahahahaha