Review & Swatches: Lime Crime Velvetines in Cashmere and Black Velvet

Cashmere / Black Velvet

One of Lime Crime's latest release is their Cashmere Velvetine but I'll also be reviewing their Black Velvet Velvetine in this post! Velvetines are long-wear liquid lipsticks that are supposed to be touch-proof and transfer-proof as well. They dry to a matte finish and the packaging also says that the Velvetines are lip stains. Each one contains 0.088 fl oz / 2.6 mL and retails for $20.

I actually only wanted Black Velvet because I really wanted a black lipstick for some reason. As I mentioned in the intro of this post, Cashmere is one of their newest Velvetines and so I decided to get that as well. 

Cashmere is described as a "greige" - a mix of grey and beige. On me, it does look like a greige with the tiniest amount of pink. 

I feel like this color is greatly affected by the wearer's skin tone. (Excuse the ear buds. My roommate was sleeping and I needed some background music) I'm about an NC35 and I feel like the color by itself washes me out if I look at my whole face. It might also be due to the fact that I much prefer darker lipsticks. 

If I look at just my lips, I'm in love with the color. It's unique but still borders on a neutral / nude color. I've looked at so many swatches of this shade and it definitely changes on the wearer. For a lot of lighter skin toned people relative to my skin tone, it looks more pink / mauve. For those with darker skin tones than mine, it can look more ashy. 

I'm not saying that the formula is inconsistent though. I feel like it's a Adelson's Checker Shadow Illusion kind of thing where the surrounding affects the perceived appearance. 

The texture for Cashmere is lighter and thinner than Black Velvet. For me, I liked that texture because it was easier to layer on and even mix with other lip products. I've worn it with and without a lip pencil and the wear time was the same. It stayed on forever but didn't smudge, fade, or transfer. I was so impressed with it! It also stayed looking great! The only downside to the wear is that it was a bit drying after 5-6 hours. The lines in my lip also showed up more because of the lack of moisture. 

The applicator is a small slanted doe foot and helps with the precision of application. 

Black Velvet is a a straight up matte black. There are no undertones that make it lean cool or warm.

I felt so badass wearing this lip color. I also wore it when I went to a Disney Store and scared some kids....not intentionally of course. 

For Black Velvet, the application is more shaky because of the pigmentation. This was straight out from the tube, but it looks better if I touch up with a lip brush. I would also work in layers because the formula is a tiny bit thicker than Cashmere. 

I had more problems with Black Velvet because it seemed to "crack" and show my natural lip color. Again, that might just be a me problem because some other people have not experienced that. It makes me nervous that that happens, but I noticed that it happens around the 4 hour mark and so that helps me remember if I need to touch up or not. 

For touch ups, I just layer on the tiniest amount because the color is so pigmented and it fixes any problems I have. It also doesn't transfer or smudge. It has the same amount of dryness as Cashmere as well. 

Final thoughts: The Velvetines are now one of my favorite liquid lipsticks! I've tried Stila's version and although that one is more moisturizing, it does transfer more than the Velvetines. Out of the two, I recommend Cashmere because it's more wearable. Black Velvet is also a good choice for a black lipstick because it's less likely to become messy like some other "normal" lipsticks. The colors are definitely not for everyone, but I love mixing these into other colors. I recently mixed Cashmere with MAC Viva Glam I and the most beautiful muted red was created. You do get less product for the price compared to other brands, but that's a personal choice on whether or not to buy them. Other than that, I do highly recommend checking out the Velvetines because they met their own claims of being long-wearing, smudge proof, and transfer proof. Just make sure to put on a moisturizing lip balm beforehand because of the dryness!



  1. That greige colour is amazing up close, but I see what you mean about washing you out, I think it would do the same to me. I wonder what skin tone would look best with that colour?

    On the other hand, black velvet looks so hot on you! I think black lip colours are such a good item to have in your stash for costumes. Pity about the cracking though. My lips are naturally dry and lined so matte products are usually a no no for me. Do you know of any moisturising black lipsticks?

  2. I've seen a lot of pale people wear it and it looks like a beautiful mauvey pinky, but slightly grey, color that I desperately wanted to look like on me.

    I just got Colour Pop's Bull Chic and that one is more moisturizing! It's supposed to be matte, but it's more a satin finish on me. They're at such a great price too! I think NYX has a black lipstick, but I haven't looked into that one yet.

  3. Black Velvet looks absolutely amazing on you, I'm jealous! I would not be able to rock black and neither would I have the guts to wear it out haha! :P

    But I love the look of Cashmere on you too because it compliments the ashy tones of your hair (hair goals btw u.u)! It is really unlike any of the other swatches I have seen out there. <3

  4. You are so adventurous! I'm always on the hunt of a good nude, one that doesn't wash me out or make my teeth look too yellow! I think you really can pull of both! If I were to ever try one it would have to be a red or pink shade! However I don't think I ever will because of my sensitive dry lips! I'm all good with bourjois velvets though, they stay feeling soft for a long time before feeling dry!

  5. I've worn it out about 2-3 times, but I love mixing Black Velvet with other colors to make a super vampy color. It's so fun!

    & thank you! I'm in the process of lightening my hair again and I can't decide if I want to stay silver or go lavender. So many decisions! and Cashmere is definitely my new love hahaha

  6. If your lips are dry, I would stay away from the Velvetines or at least don't wear them for a long time. The have a super dark red shade that I want, but I already have so many reds that I'm going to stay away. stillreallyreallywantitthough (:

    I want to try the Bourjois ones! Bourjois is so expensive to get (relative to other drugstore brands) and so I'm waiting for an amazing color to come out so that I can justify getting it.

  7. I've never tried LimeCrime products, but I've heard so many great things about them. The Velvetines are so pigmented! I'm tempted to try them now. Black Velvet suits your hair color!

  8. There is some controversy about them and so I would look it up before deciding if you want to buy from them, but I would still look into the Velvetines! They're really great lipsticks despite what people say about Lime Crime.

    Black Velvet is the whole reason I made a Lime Crime order and even though I wish it had performed better in the long run, I do love it!

  9. You scared a few kids in a disney shop? This cracks me up lol xD -
    But you look so stunning! I'm afraid of wearing a black color on my lips ... I couldn't pull of that look^^
    Love, Jenny

  10. Unintentionally!! hahahaha :D The first day I got the lipsticks, I wore the black one out because I was too excited. I needed to buy a giant TsumTsum for my friend's present too and... there were a lot of kids look scared of me.

    I think I'm only comfortable with wearing dark colors like that because I worked at a makeup place for a few months. It helped me build up a "yeeee wear anything I want attitude"

  11. I think Cashmere looks gorgeous on everyone, even for those who claims it washed them out! I does a little on me, or let's say I don't wanna admit it does cause I love it so much! I have learn a trick of wearing it over a pink lip liner, to give it a not so dead look.

  12. I also pair it up with NYX's lipliner in Mauve, but I hear MAC Stone is also recommended to wear underneath as well. I really want Limecrime's new color coming out. I LOVE reds

  13. I don't think I could pull off Cashmere quite as well, but Black Velvet looks SICK! (in a good way) Haha but I feel like where else would be more appropriate to wear it than a Disney store?! Right??

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  14. I want black lipstick to be brought into the mainstream so that I can wear it everyday without getting weird looks.

    and the Disney Store is the best place to test out more extreme makeup :D