Review & Swatches: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in #54 Beige

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation claims to leave the skin radiant and flawless for up to 16 hours. The formula some "fruit therapy" to add radiance, hydration for 8 hours, and protection to keep the skin looking youthful. The shade I got was #54 Beige and it is a touch lighter than my skin, but has the perfect amount of yellow in it. For reference, I'm about a MAC NC35 / Makeup Forever HD Foundation in #127 / Maybelline Foundations in Natural Beige. It contains 1 fluid ounce and since I got it from, it was $18.95.

One of my favorite things about this foundation is that it has a pump! For my whole face, I barely need a pump, but I sometimes use a third of a pump to go over the red areas on my cheeks. I would say that it has a medium coverage, but can be sheered out. I can put about 2 - 2.5 layers on, but it gets a bit cakey for me if I try to do more. My preferred application method is with a Beauty Blender because it looks more natural that way, but I have used it with my fingers when I was in a rush. It feels thicker if I use my fingers though. 

Left: Bare Face / Right: Full Face with no primer

The Boujois Healthy Mix Foundation gives me the most healthy glow / dewy look that I've ever gotten. Winter makes my skin look more dull no matter what I do and so it was nice to have this foundation help fix that. 

Unfortunately, that glow turns into shininess after 5 hours and then I need to blot or powder my t-zone. My skin is oily on my forehead and nose, dry on my cheeks, and normal everywhere else. 

Bare Face on the left of each respective face and primed with Mally Evercolor Pore Defender on the right

When I prime it with the Mally product (review here), it gives me a more satin (but still glowy) finish and it pretty much stays like that all day long. The left side where I didn't prime got more oily as time went by. The good thing was, even though I got oily, both sides still had the same coverage by the end of the day. Without primer, there is more transfer though and so if you don't touch your face, it'll be good!

I didn't get any flashback / white cast either and so it's great for photos just as long as you powder the t-zone a bit (because of the shine).  

The pump is plastic and the overall packaging is glass, which I prefer because it lets me know how much product is left.There is a slight fruity smell to the foundation but I like it. 

Final thoughts: For my skin type, it's not my perfect foundation but I do really like it. I just need some kind of oil controlling product to help out on my forehead and nose. Overall, it does give a very "healthy" glow that the company claimed. It definitely failed on the 16 hours part, but I don't wear foundation for that long anyway. I wouldn't recommend this for oily people unless they have a good powder / oil control product, but it's a great foundation for those who have dry skin. The coverage is long lasting, but it isn't transferproof and so I would be careful about touching your face. 

Repurchase: Right now, no. The price is in between drugstore and mid-range for something that's supposed to be drugstore priced. I do love the foundation, but it's too much of a hassle to get for too high of a price for me. I have another "healthy looking" foundation that's easier to get for a third of the price too. If Bourjois decides to sell this foundation in America for a cheaper price, I'll repurchase it forever though!



  1. Wow your bare face looks great~ But I dislike the fact that the foundation is between the drugstore and mid-range price! It's better to save all the money for a more expensive brand, which is perfect for your face!
    Love, Jenny

  2. I lovelovelove how it looks! I have some drugstore foundations I love, but I much prefer high end foundations for the better color matches.

  3. I used to love foundations with a dewy finish...which really didn't make sense considering how oily I got after a while (which lead to looking hella greasy). These days, I pretty much stamp my face with powder.

    ANYWAYS, I really like this foundation and how yellow-toned it is, considering there aren't a lot of yellow-toned options at the 'drugstore'. I was lucky enough to have gotten this in London at the drugstore 3for2 sales, because Bourjois is pretty expensive in the North Americas! (THANKS, CONVERSION RATE -_-)

  4. This is such a famous foundation and I've been itching to try it but I recoil every time I see the price in Australian drugstores. It really makes your skin look healthy and glowing! Right now my skin is batshit crazy, it's oily OR dry depending on the day because my hormones are completely out of whack :(. I'm thinking I should try this nearer to winter when my skin is drier. So good to hear that it has a yellow tone too. Will bookmark your post so I can remember which shade you got!

  5. I do the same when I look at the price! But I really wanted some clothes that didn't reach the free shipping limit on Asos, so I added on the foundation as well ahahaha

    This would be a great winter foundation! I forgot that it's summer in Australia right now and got super confused hahaha Im in Southern California and it's been mid 70's F and doesn't feel like dry winter weather at all.

  6. I used to pile on powder until I admitted to myself that my skin wasn't actually oily like every beauty person online... For some reason, it never clicked to me that I should look into those with normal / dry skin. I do love a good matte look that stays on all day though!

    I really want to go to the UK, but part of the reason is to get makeup I can't get in the US hahaha

  7. Lisa Salvatore1/31/2015 2:13 AM

    i love this foundation


  8. i have mixed feelings about this one. i like how it sits and i like that is 'almost skin' sort of finish but it never really set and i also bought the wrong colour. since i didn't quite like how it wore through the day i didn't bother trying it in my right shade.


    A Beautiful Zen

  9. Visited you with a smile, nice blog and sharing, wishing you to have a happy day~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary Malaysia)

  10. I totally understand what you're talking about! I think if it set a bit more, I would've been willing to always repurchase it too

  11. It's such a good one! But too bad it doesn't stay a satin finish on me.

  12. Aw, you're sweet. Thank you!

  13. YAY. So glad to hear you love this! I also frequently buy this from Asos! For me it's exactly the same price as other drugstore foundations like maybelling and l'oreal! I'm always just slightly surprised when ladies in the US or canada mention pumps on drugstore foundations because 90% of bases here come with a pump! So it never really crosses my mind that a pump is a pro. I love using this but I always set my foundations with a powder of some sort for the weather here. This line has a serious great yellow undertone perfect for us ladies with a warm asian undertone! I think it looks great on you, I'm in love with how natural the finish is and yet it has pretty good medium coverage for everyday use!

  14. I'm so annoyed that a lot of US foundations don't have a pump. I don't understand why because I feel like a lot of people will pay a bit more just to have it.

    I remember one of your posts talking about this foundation and it kind of pushed me to think about it more (:

  15. I agree that it is rather expensive for a drugstore brand! But the glow effect is gorgeous on your skin. It's tricky to use a dewy foundation.

  16. It is soooo beautiful. I want Bourjois to sell in the States so badly :(

  17. There's no difference in that two pictures! i mean both two pictures are beautiful and pretty looking! your so pretty Hao. ^.^
    xoxo, Jennalyn
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