Review & Swatches: Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Palette (Kitten Parade, Frostine, CandyCrush, and Hotsy Totsy)

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Palette features 4 full sized eyeshadows in Kitten Parade, Frostine, CandyCrush, and Hotsy Totsy. Each eyeshadow contains 3.5 grams / 0.12 ounces and retails individually for $12 but whole palette retails for $34. Kitten Parade and Hotsy Totsy can be used on the eyes and cheek. Frostine and CandyCrush are also vegan.

L to R - Kitten Parade | Frostine | CandyCrush | Hotsy Totsy 

Swatched without a primer or base

Kitten Parade is a shimmery peach shade with a golden sheen. This shade was what I was most excited about and it lived up to every expectation I had. It's very shimmery, but there's no fallout. It blends out easily and is pigmented. Sugarpill says it can be used on the cheeks as a highlight to add warmth and shimmer, but I would use a very light hand to do that. 

Frostine is described as a frosty pastel lavender, but it's not that frosty to me. It doesn't have any obvious shimmers to me, but it's not flat. It has a slight sheen and so I really like putting it in the inner corner or on the lower lashline. The texture is more dry and powdery than Kitten Parade. 

CandyCrush is described as a glistening mint pearl and it's more shimmery than Kitten Parade. It's not as fine milled as Kitten Parade and it is very powdery. I was expecting it to have the same formula as Kitten Parade and so I was initially disappointed it in but it really grew on me. Like Frostine, I love using this shade in the inner corner or lower lashline to just brighten up my eyes. I prefer pairing it up with a more tacky (and glittery) base to make it look as beautiful as it does in the pan. 

Hotsy Totsy is described as a sweet magenta with iridescent fairy sparkles. I see it as a blue based bright pink with sparkles, but those sparkles don't show up. It's almost matte in texture and I feel like it's the most dry out of the 4 shades. Even on the arm swatches, you can see that it doesn't look opaque. The color looks way more even when used with a primer and brush (see below). I'm very intimidated by this color, but it does make a beautiful eye look. Hotsy Totsy is the worst performing out of the palette, but it's not a bad eyeshadow. It just needs more help and patience in working with it. 

Hotsy Totsy in the crease 
Kitten Parade on the lids and blended up 
CandyCrush in the inner corner 
Frostine on the outer lower lashline

Final thoughts: The colors are blendable and they last a long time even without primer, but I would use a primer or some kind of base to help with the application. Kitten Parade is really the star out of the whole palette and it's such a shame that CandyCrush didn't have the same formula since they're both shimmery shades. I really only got the palette for everything except Hotsy Totsy. I think it's an interesting shade, but the color is personally too much for me and the formulation is a bit too dry for my liking. With CandyCrush and Frostine, they also have some problems but they still work well to create wearable accents in an eye look. I would still recommend this palette because it's a great price for what you're getting and just because Hotsy Totsy didn't wow me as much doesn't mean it won't be a great blush or eye shadow for someone else. 


  1. Wow the colors are so bright~~ They remind me of cotton candy hahaha Kitten Parade is my favorite c:
    Love, Jenny

  2. The majority of them are not... super wearable, but they're so beautiful!

  3. I love all for our shades! I totally think of unicorns and an ice cream party! You've made them work together pretty well! I personally could see these shades blending into each other nicely for a sweet light pop of color (excluding the pink of course!) I've yet to pick up any sugar pill products but that's because I don't think I'll finish any of their products EVER. :p

  4. I love it! Did you wear the eye look out Hao? I admire your confidence! With my tanned skin I think I might look a little transvestite-ish lol.

    All your pictures are taken with a compact camera right? I think I might invest in one just for the macro...

  5. Love the packaging, so cute and girly! Frostine is my favourite, love that soft lilac x

  6. This palette is gorgeous and the packaging is so cute! It's going on my beauty wishlist. :)

    Lydia |

  7. The pan of each eyeshadow is HUGE! I thought the price was a bit high considering it's only 4 shades, but now I feel like the price is such a good deal. I really want their matte mint green shadow and some of the glitters as well. Sugar Pill has been a brand I've been wanting to try for so long and now I'm so glad i was able to get this palette :D

  8. I think we're actually around the same skin tone! But I only wear everything except Hotsy Totsy out. That color is tooooo much for me, but it is pretty!

    and yup! It's an old point and shoot, but I do love the macro function it has.

  9. I'm such a packaging fanatic and Sugar Pill is such a nice mix of cutesy and different for me that I love everything they have. I really love pairing up Frostine with Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner in Lunatic.

  10. I highly recommend it! Each pan is also huge and so you'll never run out.

  11. This is such a cute palette! I'm tempted to buy this because of how cute it is, but I know I won't use it. I never wear colored eyeshadow, and I'm not very good at making pretty eye looks with colored eyeshadows lol.

  12. Sugarpill has such large eyeshadows too that you'll never use one up! If you do get something from this palette, I would say Kitten Parade and Candy Crush and Frostine are great for inner corner highlights!

  13. Such nice packaging! I love the eye look you created! (: