Review & Swatches: Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection Take on the Day Eyeshadow Primer

Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection Take on the Day Eyeshadow Primer is a nude to translucent eyeshadow primer. It lasts all day without creasing and helps boost the color of any eyeshadow. Each tube contains 0.34 fluid ounces / 10 mL and the price varies, but usually is around $5.

I really like that the packaging is a squeezy tube because it is sanitary while letting me control the amount of product comes out. My tube has scratches all over it, but the plastic is pretty sturdy. 

The primer is thicker than Urban Decay's Primer Potion (UDPP) and Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but it isn't hard to blend out. I only need to use a tiny amount to cover my lids, brows, and under eye area. 

You can click to enlarge the photo, but you can see on the right side that there's some weird patchiness. I think it's because I had some foundation on my eye lids and the primer + foundation ended up bunching up in some areas. Even so, it does not effect the performance of the primer or the look of the eyeshadow. 

I used some matte shadows from Sephora to do the swatches. The bottom half was primed with the Take on the Day primer and the top was just bare skin. You can see that the shadow was a lot more pigmented on the bottom.

I only have the Urban Decay primer right now and so that's what I've been comparing the Wet n Wild one to. I felt like the Wet n Wild one is tackier and so eye shadows grabbed onto it a lot better too. I need to take my time blending out the shadows, but I got used to it really fast. If it was too tacky or I applied on too much, I would just dust some translucent powder on top to help with blending. 

I tested this primer multiple ways. I had one eye primed with UDPP and one eye primed with Wet n Wild Take on the Day primer and both performed as expected. I used different kinds of eyeshadows that I knew had creased on me before too and the Wet n Wild primer did not crease at all. I also primed one eye and no primer on the other. The eye with no primer creased in the inner half and the eye with primer looked absolutely perfect. There was no creasing or fading even after 12 hours. 

Final thoughts: I love this primer! For $5, I wasn't expecting that much but it worked out great. My lids are slightly oily (oilier during summer), and so it might not work for those with super oily lids. I had a lot crease issues lately and so I was so glad that this worked. I was so close in getting the NARS eye lid primer, but I no longer need to because the Wet n Wild Take on the Day Eyeshadow Primer helped get rid of creasing and boosted up the color of my eyeshadows so beautifully. 


  1. I'm going to need to buy this soon. I shop at Target or Ulta mostly, and I can't seem to find this at Target. I'm going to have to pick it up at Walgreens next time I go. I'm more convinced to get it now because it's only $5!

  2. I tend to always use a clear eye primer because I'm worried that colored bases would give me a different look than I wanted. I do love a good cream eyeshadow / base though!

  3. I had such a hard time finding it too! The first few times I went, it was sold out and then bam! A whole completely filled up display of primers. hahaha I think people told me that it's easier to find at Walmarts too.

  4. I love Wet n Wild products - very good quality and so inexpensive. It's nice to hear that this eye primer works well for you! In my experience, it's difficult to find cheaper alternatives to UDPP and other higher end primers.

  5. My eyelids aren't super oily and so I feel like I'm not the super best judge on creasing, but everything else was great! I was so surprised that people hailed this primer over the drugstore eye lid primers, but I'm glad that I bought it (: