Review & Swatches: Lancome Juicy Shakers in Wonder Melon and Vanilla Pop

The Lancome Juicy Shakers were one of the launches I was the most excited about and they are bi-phase pigmented infused lip oils. As you know, I'm a huge lip oil lover since I have dry lips. I've also been into sheerer lip products lately as they're easier to wear at work. It was hard to just choose two, but the two colors I got were Wonder Melon and Vanilla Pop so that I could try one light color and one dark color. They each contain 0.25 fl oz / 6.5 ml of product and retail for $21.

Wonder Melon is described as a "watermelon pink." I tried so hard to fix the color in these pictures, but the orangey tones in this product was picked up a lot more by my camera. The swatches are all accurate and true to what you see in person, but the product shots are more orange. 

There is a slight watermelon scent but it's not strongly fruity and instead there's a light floral feel to it. Since it's not overpoweringly fruity, the scent feels more universal instead of too young or too mature.

The color itself is a sheer slightly reddy pink and so the "watermelon pink" description totally makes sense to me. 

Wearing Wonder Melon

Vanilla Pop is described as a "chestnut rose" and I'm not exactly sure what the smell is. It's not a sweet vanilla like MAC Lipsticks or cake and it's not too strong. It's also a subtle smell though and so I feel like those who are sensitive to scents won't mind this. 

This color is totally my jam though since reds in general are what I gravitate to. Like Wonder Melon, this shade is also on the sheer side and so it doesn't overpower the rest of your look.

Wearing Vanilla Pop

Both Wonder Melon and Vanilla Pop are both very sheer and give a tint of color to the lips. My lips naturally have a dull mauve look to them and so products like the Juicy Shakers are great for me on a normal day. They brighten up my overall appearance and it's low maintenance enough that I can quickly reapply if needed.

For the price, I don't know if they're a product I would strongly recommend. I personally love them, but they're pretty much fancier lip balms. I haven't found a drugstore tinted lip balm that are as moisturizing as these and so this comes down to personal preference if they're "worth it."

I can definitely tell you that it's not worth it to get every color though since they're so sheer. Even if you were to get more colors, the color might not even look that different on your lips depending on how pigmented your lips are. 

Let's talk about packaging! It's very adorable and it's a reference to a drink mixer. I watched a couple of the Lancome / Lisa Elderidge videos about these products and they seem to be a twist on their classic Juicy Tubes with some added moisture and a non-sticky shine. The applicator is made out of an almost plasticy/latex sponge feels soft on the lips. I say plasticy because while it is soft, it does hold its form really well. 

To apply the product, you just shake the Juicy Shaker and product goes into the the metal top half through some small holes to soak the applicator. I like how the product is dispersed through the holes because it helps control the amount of product and there's never too much. I'm not a gloss wearer, but I do sometimes get annoyed at normal glossy products with doe foot applicators because sometimes it becomes a gloopy mess on the lips. 

You can dab or tap the product onto your lips, but I prefer to just quickly swipe it on. The dabbing/tapping motion sometimes makes the color look uneven when it is first applied.

These aren't long wear products, but they also don't claim to be. The color naturally fades away like any other tinted lip balm but the moisture is still there. My lips didn't feel dry wearing these and they were also easy to reapply if needed even without a mirror.

If I were to compare them to other lip oil products, the colors don't last as long as lip oil tints but they're more moisturizing. I would choose these over the YSL Tint in Oil's, but not the Saem Eco Soul Tint in Oils. You can also read my full tinted lip oil/ lip tint / lip oil tint post here!

Final Thoughts: I really love these Lancome Juicy Shakers since they're moisturizing and give me the perfect amount of color for every day wear. I highly recommend getting one, but I wouldn't get more than one from each color family. They're very sheer and so the colors from the same color family might end up looking the same on your lips. Out of the two I have, I like Vanilla Pop more but I'm also a huge red lip lover. The packaging is also interesting and stands out from the standard tube + doe foot applicator. 

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