Hao Goes Outside pt. 2

Back in March, I went to the San Diego Zoo with my boyfriend and did that hike in Torrey Pines. I haven't been to the SD Zoo in years but I did go to the San Diego Safari Park a few years ago with my family and it was awesome. It was definitely huge and not a one day trip unless you have strong feet, but I highly recommend seeing it.

I'll leave some commentary throughout the post, but I'll let the pictures do most of the talking!

Oh yeah. The above photo. What can I say? I like turtles (high five if you get the reference!)

That side eye.

The meerkats were so adorable! This one was on the lookout while the rest of them were scurrying around.

The red pandas and the pandas were the main reason why my boyfriend and I wanted to go the San Diego Zoo. Pandas are his favorite and the SD Zoo is one of the few in the US that have them.

He was definitely tired of our shit.

I could not stop laughing at these monkeys. That big one on the right was posing so nicely and the one on the left looked like it was taking pictures. 

Flamingos are such a beautiful color and I love the black accent on their wings. I kind of want to make a makeup look based on their color scheme. I took sooo many pictures, but this one was probably my favorite because of the details. 

This peacock though. I don't know if this is a normal thing, but there was a bunch of peacocks just wandering freely throughout the park. This guy was showing off to a female peacock and and it was pretty beautiful. He did delay a couple of tour buses though. The Zoo volunteers and workers didn't want to disturb the peacocks that much and so there was a lot of waiting and very gentle shooing.

& that's it!

Personally, I like the Safari Park more. It's a lot bigger and so the animals have more room to roam. I feel like the San Diego Zoo would still be a great place to wander around on the weekends though.

Have you been to the San Diego Zoo? What's your favorite animal?


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