Haul: Asian Beauty ft. Beyond, Pony Effect, K-Palette, and Etude House!

Another day, another haul because I have a problem...

This time, it's an all Asian Beauty haul! I got some bits and pieces from different retailers, and I'm excited to use all of them.

L to R -
Beauty People Miss 100 Super Waterproof Gel Eye Liner Auto Pencil Glimmer Coral
K-PaletteEssence in Shadow Liner in Black x Brown
Pony Effect Conceptual Eyes Quads in Lively and Be Romantic 

 I've already used these four, but I wanted to include them in my haul as well. 

A new brand I haven't tried before is Beauty People. I've heard great things about their lip stains / tattoos but their colors seemed too bright for me considering they're such long wear and pigmented products. Instead I got the Miss 100 Super Waterproof Gel Eye Liner Auto Pencil in Glimmer Coral. I've been really into orange and peach eyeshadows again and this is a great product to brighten up my waterline and the inner corner of my eyes without being too orange.

I recently ran out of my K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo and it's probably my favorite of the brush style liquid liners I've tried. I saw the K-Palette Essence in Shadowliner in #1 Black x Brown in a local Asian Beauty store and it seemed interesting! There's a brush style black liquid liner on one end and a dark brown pigment on the other. I thought it would be a great slim single item product that I could use every day.

I'm a huge fan of Pony of PonyMakeup and so of course I had to pick up more stuff from her makeup line, Pony Effect. I also have her brow pencil and eyeshadow stick, but the eye shadow palettes are something new that just became available in the US through Memebox. I got the Conceptual Eyes Quad in Lively and Be Romantic. They're both wearable and on the warm side.

L to R
Beyond Disney In Wonderland Glow Oil Lip in #3 Pink Red and Glow Cushion Special Set in #2 Vanilla Cake
Etude House Berry Delicious Precious Mineral Any Cushion in Natural Beige

Just when Beyond releases part 2 of their Alice in Wonderland collection, I bought some stuff from part 1. I have great timing!

Unsurprisingly, I got the Beyond Disney Alice in Wonderland Glow Oil Lip Tint in #3 Pink Red. I mostly wanted to try another brand's lip oil tint but the only swatches looked gorgeous! The other Beyond product I got was the Glow Cushion Special Set in #2 Vanilla Cake. I was going to get another cushion foundation, but the packaging was super cute and it also came with a refill. 

I repurchased the Etude House Berry Delicious Precious Minerals Any Cushion in Natural Beige (review here). I didn't swatch it though since I already have a full review of it up and I wanted to keep this as a backup for when I run out of other foundations. I actually lost the one Etude House sent me and I have no idea where it went. I liked it enough that I bought it again though!

and that's it for this haul! I've been pretty beyond on my blog this past week. I had some person life things going on and ended up buying way too many things. I'm trying to go back into the blogging grind, but may have to reduce the number of posts to maybe 2 a week? Or maybe stick to 3 and not do as many reviews since they take more time to write up. 

Have you tried any of these items? What item should I review first?


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