Makeup Look: Bare to Minimal to Full Face of Makeup! Fall Edition

Fall / Autumn has come and it's one of my favorites because now I'm allowed to wear all the dark lipsticks I love! I tend to not wear a lot of dark eye makeup, but now that's even more acceptable. I have a second job that involves makeup right now and so full faces are encouraged and that makes me so happy. In this post, I'll be talking about one of my favorite fall looks to do as well as the progression to get it. 

As you can also see, my hair is now a very funky (and messed up) silvery bluey slightly browny color. The silver I got is very blue based and I didn't bleach / tone the bottom parts of my hair enough and so it turned a slightly greeny brown color. I'm going to pretend it's on purpose and say it was an ombre though! I'll be writing up a blog post about my hair in a few weeks after I'm done tweaking my hair color. 

This is my completely bare face. I've been putting a lot of effort and money into my skincare routine and I'm quite happy with how my skin is now. I still have a lot of acne marks, but the break outs have lessened so much. It's gotten to the point where I don't mind going out with any makeup, but I do love makeup so I like to add a bit more to my look. 

This is my no-makeup makeup look as well as my "I need to go somewhere and gotta get ready fast" look. I go for brows, lashes, skin, and if my lips are looking a bit weird, then a tinted lip balm. 

The products - 

Maybelline Fit Me! Shine-Free Stick Foundation in Natural Beige is super quick to apply even with my fingers and you can read all about it here! I'm almost done with it and I need to get another one as backup for my lazy days. It controls my oily good enough so that I don't need to powder either. 

Maybelline Volum' Express The Rocket Waterproof Mascara in Very Black has been raved about on my blog ever since I've gotten it. It adds volume and length as well as holding my curl. Curled lashes are a must for me since my lashes are straight. They also make me look more awake.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Soft Brown + Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow in Light/Medium is my current favorite brow products. I totally get the hype for these products. Brow Wiz does really define my brows and so they're a lot more in your face than what I've been doing lately, but I kind of like it. The Gimme Brow gel is lighter than my natural hair color and so it helps to lighten my brows without bleaching them too much. 

Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose is something I originally did not like (and that's why I'm not going to link with my review) but I definitely changed my mind on it. It isn't as moisturizing as my other lip balms since I love thick lip balms, but it's the perfect amount of color and moisture for my normal days. The color also brightens up my face without being a bright in your face red.

Instead of redoing my "base" products, I just added on to what I already had on. The previous look is great as a starter look to just tweak for a more dramatic look.

The products - 

MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Concealer in NC35 is a thick liquid concealer and a tiny bit does so much. I barely use half a pump to cover my acne marks and my under eye darkness. It dries to a matte finish and so it's a bit dry for my under eye area, but great for my face.

Givenchy Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow in #3 Rose Dentelle (review here) was my eye base of choice since it pairs up so nicely with the Naked 3 Palette. It's a cream, but dries to a powder finish. It doesn't crease and stays on all day for me. 

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette is a rosey nude palette and you can read about it here! The colors I used are Burnout, Factory, and Burnout. I only used the tiniest bit of Burnout on the outer corner and mixed it with Factory for the outer half of my lower lashline. 

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Eye Gel Crayon in Blacquer (review here) was used to tightline my upper lashline. It helped add an illusion of volume at the base of my lashes. 

Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer is my newest lash primer and you can read about it here! It helps boost up my lashes and it's an extra step that I love to take.

NYX Butter Lipstick in Licorice is a dark purple that has a tiny bit of red warmth in it. It has a slight sheen when first applied and it stays that way on me for hours. It's one of my darkest lip colors and it's quickly gone to one of my favorites. 

What are your favorite fall / autumn makeup products?


  1. Great post! I've posted plenty of photos of my bare face on foundation post and sometimes on my fotds to show the before and after! I love the lip color! And boy that silver hair is working quite well for you! I would be too scared to color my hair like just to freaking lazy to maintain and then it would become a nightmare! I've been trying to wear more bold lip colors for the end of year!

  2. Love the lip color and hair! I wish I could dye my hair a different color, but I'm not good at taking care of it.
    Lately, I haven't been wearing bold lip colors, but you reminded to use my dark lipsticks!

  3. Thank you! I'm loving my hair so much right now. It's so fun and I'm going to be so sad when I have to re-dye it dark. I need to redo my roots soon though and I'm dreading that.

    I love dark lipsticks right now and I really want to wear them everyday, but the people at one of my jobs is really low maintenance in regards to makeup and so I feel weird wearing lipstick there.

  4. I usually try to include a picture of my bare face in fotds, but I tend to only remember when I'm completely done. hahaha I also never know if the look is going to turn out interesting or unique enough to post so now my bare face is mostly for foundation reviews.

    When I was doing the bleach washes once a week, touch ups / roots were fine, but now that I actually have the color, I'm DREADING doing my roots :( It's going to be so much work, but I love how it looks.