Review & Swatches: Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Eye Gel Crayon in Blacquer

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Eye Gel Crayon in Blacquer is supposed to a shiny black, but it's a matte black for me. The Highliners from Marc Jacobs Beauty claim to be waterproof and long-wearing with a color-intense payoff. 

I personally don't like wearing a lot of black eyeliner because I feel like it looks too intense on me for normal day wear. I've recently started to tightline though to make my lash line look thicker. I recently made an order on Marc Jacob Beauty's website and a deluxe sample size of Blacquer was included for their anniversary special. 

Like Brown(Out), Blacquer is very smooth and pigmented. It glides on without any tugging and it stays on. 

The deluxe sized packaging is shown above and is very similar to the full sized product, but the full size includes a twist off sharper at the bottom. When I first opened this product, the eyeliner had fall out and got stuck to the cap. I almost threw it out, but I just had some few hard taps onto my table and the product fell out. It's creamy and soft so I was able to just push the product back into the right place. 

The only other black eyeliner that I use now is Zero by Urban Decay and that one isn't as black or as creamy. 

In the above picture, I applied it on my lid and the outer half of my lower lashline. I smudged it out to create a more smokey eyeliner effect. You have to work very quickly because the product sets fast. It stays on my waterline and I tend to touch my eyes a lot too. 

Above, there is a before and after of my tightlining on the upper waterline. I don't go completely into the inner corner because it gets so sensitive. On the right, you can see how my upper lashline looks so much darker and fuller. 

You can see how black and dark it is better from this angle. It doesn't transfer onto my lower waterline either. 

Final Thoughts: Blacquer is a really good black eyeliner that doesn't transfer, smudge, or fade. It's very very dark and glides on very smoothly. The waterline is a very sensitive area and this product is great for darkening the lash line. It's creamy enough to make a smudgey eyeliner look. It might be too soft to make very precise lines though. I only use black eyeliners to tightline and so this will last forever for me, but I do see myself buying this in the future again once it runs out. I highly recommend the Highliners and this shade. 


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